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Good Morning America Story About Breast Feeding in Public

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My grandmother called me this morning to tell me that GMA did a story today about breastfeeding in public and the challenges that some moms face. Unfortunately, I missed the piece on the TV, but you can read it on line. Click here. From what I’ve read, it seems like the piece was very pro-breastfeeding in public. So take the time to go to their site and leave a comment with your own opinion. Here’s a snippet from the story:
….46 states allow woman to nurse in public or at least exempt them from prosecution.
But, public opinion hasn’t caught up with the law. A recent study found 57 percent of Americans said women should not have the right to breast-feed in public. Seventy-two percent said it was inappropriate to show a woman nursing on television.
For many mothers, it may ultimately be a health issue. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends babies should be breast fed up to one year. It said the health benefits include fewer food allergies and a stronger immune system.
“The longer you breast feed, the better the health benefits, not only for the baby but for the mother,” said Baby Talk magazine editor Susan Kane.
Bruce-Low said it is important for more woman and people in general to see mothers nursing in public, calling it a natural thing.
Kane did have some suggestions for woman planning to breast-feed in public:
Use a cover up.
Feel comfortable while breast feeding. There are lots of products on the market that let moms cover up while nursing.
Wear a button-down shirt and nursing bra.
Ask permission if you are a guest.
As a courtesy, when at a private home or party, ask if it’s okay if you breast feed.
Stand up for your rights.
Don’t be ashamed of feeding your baby. In most cultures, it’s considered completely normal.

2 Responses to “Good Morning America Story About Breast Feeding in Public”

Well, putting a positive spin on breastfeeding is always a good thing in my opinion. BUT, I do take issue with some of the “suggestions” offered by Kane. I mean, isn’t it a bit contradicting to say “Don’t be ashamed of feeding your baby” and “Use a cover up”. How about “Feel comfortable while breastfeeding” and “Ask permission”?
No offense, but I’ll be damned if I ask anyones permission for my child to eat, unless there are signs specifically stating “no food or drink allowed in this location”.
I do think she hit the nail on the head when she states “In MOST cultures it’s considered completely normal” (emphasis mine). If we are going to consider our great country to be the biggest and the best then we need to get over ourselves considering one of the most fundamental and basic practices of the human race – that of a mother feeding her baby, and I mean HOWEVER she feeds her baby. A mother bottle feeding her child should illicit the same response – namely, none of your business.
Just my $0.02

“Stand up for your rights.
Don’t be ashamed of feeding your baby. In most cultures, it’s considered completely normal. ”
These are the only two that should be on the list!
Plus, it should not be about the mothers right to breastfeed. It should be about the baby’s right to eat!!

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