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Mom Entrepreneurs– Or Why I Love Momtrepreneurs

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Mom entrepreneurs rock. “Momtrepreneurs,” as they’ve been called, see a consumer need, and rush to meet it. They have busy lives taking care of their families, going to work, keeping the household running. But they have a passion, a drive to do something else. And they go for it. Even if it means staying up late at night when they should really be in bed.
That’s what Jorie Wisnefski did. She made a nursing shawl she calls “Private Dining.” Sure there are a lot of other nursing cover ups out there, but this one looks very comfortable.
And if you want a good chuckle, watch Jorie’s short promo video on her site. If you’ve ever tried to breastfeed your baby in a restaurant, you’ll love this.

One Response to “Mom Entrepreneurs– Or Why I Love Momtrepreneurs”

When wearing Private Dining, even my dad–who’s a SUPER prude–isn’t uncomfortable while I breastfeed my baby.

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