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World Breastfeeding Week — Give Away Your Breastfeeding Books

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This week I’ll bring you information about World Breastfeeding Week events. There’s an incredible amount of stuff going on, and we’ll start today with Colleen, at My Baby and More. Colleen is challenging people to donate their old breastfeeding books through a site called Book Crossing. Book Crossing users “release” a book into the world, and let it find its new owner. It’s possible, with a little luck, to even track the fate of your book.
Colleen did this last year too, and had 150 people donate books. To sign up visit her site. Here’s what she has to say:
All releases must be about breastfeeding, such as breastfeeding ‘how to’ books (i.e. “The Nursing Mother’s Companion”) or breastfeeding advocacy books (i.e. “Milk, Money and Madness”.)
Books can also be children’s books that show pictures of breastfeeding or depict breastfeeding as a normal part of family life (i.e. “Near Mama’s Heart” or “Mama, Mama”.)
Books should be released in places where pregnant or new mothers are likely to catch them, such as childbirth classes, baby-type stores, WIC offices, OB offices, etc.
We would also like to add a category for fiction books that discuss breastfeeding as some part of the plot line. For example, “The Red Tent” has breastfeeding characters, as well as the book “When We Were Grownups”. Please write a short description in your journal entry of how breastfeeding is depicted in the book.

And if you donate three or more books you have the chance of winning one of several new books…including my own, “Mama Knows Breast: A Beginner’s Guide to Breastfeeding.”

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