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Learning to Let Go

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I’ve sometimes wished I had a remote control that could put the universe on pause. Press pause and the kids would stop on the spot. Press pause and I could go to the bathroom with the door closed. I could work on my book without jumping up to make lunch. Press pause and I could take a dance class, make a phone call. I wouldn’t miss a minute of what the kids were doing and they wouldn’t miss me. (I never saw it, but the movie Click worked on this premise).
Of course the only universal remote I’ll ever really have belongs to our television, so I’ve more or less let go of this absurd fantasy. And I’ve come to realize that learning to let go is something we have to do all the time as parents. It can happen on so many different levels, and so it’s the theme of this month’s Breastfeeding Carnival.
For me, learning to let go has meant acknowledging that I can’t have a full time job, and be home full time. I wish I could do both. But without that remote control, it’s just not gonna happen. I can’t even work from home and take care of the kids at the same time. Anyone who has tried to talk on the phone with a toddler in the house knows what I’m talking about.
And so, to satisfy my urge to work, and my desire to be there for the kids, I’ve had to find a balance. A part-time babysitter, someone who comes in a few days a week, seems to do the trick. While I work, the babysitter does the playground time; the trips back and forth from pre-school; the stroller naps. I’m there for meals, doctor appointments, playdates and in the past, round the clock breastfeeding.
But finding that “special someone” to help with the kids was beyond challenging. I rejected nanny after nanny, babysitter after babysitter, until we found the perfect person. Sarah, if you’re reading this, I want you to know that I will cry the day you tell me you’re moving on to something else. (No pressure!)
It’s taken nearly three years for me to figure this whole thing out. Three years to let go of the notion that I even need a remote control. Hooray for baby steps! Now, if I could just let go of the pressure I feel to stay up blogging at 10:00 pm. Now that would be progress.
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3 Responses to “Learning to Let Go”

What a fun image – I wish I had a pause button sometimes too!! (And my eldest is 7!) Oh and a rewind button would be great for moments when you suddenly realise your kids have been chatting to you and you’ve been nodding but not really listening… and a fast forward for when they’re fighting… Oh now I’m getting carried away :) LOL

it can be so hard to find that perfect someone to take care of your kids. i’m glad that you found her and that you can have some balance and time to yourself. :) 3 years to figure it out? i don’t think that’s bad at all. :)

I would love to have one of those remotes too. The last few years have flown by for me and I would love to rewind all the way to the beginning; to live them again. It just reminds me how important it is to cherish every moment of evry day. Thanks for your post!

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