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Mama Knows Breast Book Excerpt on The Celebrity Baby Blog

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A number of months ago a friend got me a subscription to US Weekly magazine. I never knew, until the magazine started showing up in my mailbox, that I had a celebrity fascination. Likewise, I never knew, until I discovered The Celebrity Baby Blog, that I actually wanted to read about celebu-tots.
If you haven’t read Celebrity Baby yet, check it out. I recently met the founder, Danielle, and she is really impressive. She’s got a whole team working for her now, and they are the go to site for celebrity baby news. The site even has a page devoted to celebrity breastfeeding stories.
And best of all…Celebrity Baby is running an excerpt of my book right now. It’s a synopsis of the first chapter. So for a sneak peak, click here. And while you’re reading the post, check out the rest of the Celebrity Baby site. You, too, may find yourself hooked.

2 Responses to “Mama Knows Breast Book Excerpt on The Celebrity Baby Blog”

I am the one who sent you that subscription – and I am proud that I have gotten you hooked! Congrats on the great exposure at CBB!

I saw that on CBB and was very excited for you! What a great shout-out.
I love gossip rags, too and in that vein, even designed my daughter’s birth announcement around one. Sometimes, mama’s brain needs candy, too.

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