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Remember the Wonder Years? Fred Savage Talks About Frozen Breast Milk

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Well Fred Savage (aka Kevin on The Wonder Years) is all grown up now and a dad to boot. The Celebrity Baby Blog has a sweet story about his take on frozen breast milk. He and his family are moving, and they have a freezer filled with breast milk:
We’ve tried, particularly with the move, to clean out our freezer as much as possible because in the old house, it would get cluttered with so much crap. But the one thing we haven’t been able to throw away is the breast milk — and we should, because it’s over 6 months old. You’re not supposed to keep it frozen for more than that. … But I just don’t have the heart to because my wife worked so hard, she pumped every night — it was really hard on her to make this. So we probably have some breast milk from February.
Readers take note… according to, you can store breast milk for up to 12 months. Click here for guidelines.

3 Responses to “Remember the Wonder Years? Fred Savage Talks About Frozen Breast Milk”

I love that guy!
And…I love when dads get so into Breastfeeding as well! Good for him. :-)

I hear you Fred! Right now our freezer is so stocked up that we’re all going to have breastmilk slushies for breakfast and breastmilk-butter dipping sauce with our dinners. I hate to think of tossing any of it out.

I love that Fred realizes the emotional and physical effort mommy has to put into pumping and storing. I have a four month old and He was in the NICU for 2 months. I was powerless to help him and missed him every second that I wasn’t by his side… All I could do for him was pump milk and store it hoping eventually he would be able to eat it. Well, it’s four months down the road and they sent my baby home to me on pregestimil formula. He looooved breast milk but he wasn’t gaining weight. I’m still holding onto my breast milk praying he will be able to enjoy my labor of love before it spoils! !!

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