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Widgets, Social Networks…or Why I Haven’t Posted Here in a While

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I never thought I’d bother with all that MySpace and Facebook nonsense. But I now get why it can be so addicting. I put up a Facebook profile this week, and instantly discovered all sorts of people I know are on the site. I feel like there was a party going on that I didn’t even know about. I did MySpace too. I don’t like it as much. Facebook is easier to use. MySpace seems “younger.” Once on these sites, I did a search for breastfeeding, and found all sorts of breastfeeding groups or networks.
Oh, and the other thing I’m geeking out on now, is widgets. I put a little icon in the right hand column of this page that says “get my blog as a widget from widgetbox.” Can anyone try it out, and let me know if you like it?

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