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World Breastfeeding Week Book Contest — Winner 6

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Here is the sixth winner of my book contest …. Jennifer, from the blog Mental Hijinks. She sent me her breastfeeding story, and as a prize she’ll receive a copy of “Mama Knows Breast: A Beginner’s Guide to Breastfeeding.” In July, Jennifer wrote a post about all the trouble she had while on a business trip, and trying to get her pumped breastmilk through airport security. She’s updated the post to reflect the new TSA rule that allows a mom to (at long last) take an unlimited amount of breastmilk on board. Click on this link to read Jennifer’s story.

One Response to “World Breastfeeding Week Book Contest — Winner 6”

I traveled in mid May with a lunchbox full of frozen (quickly defrosting) breastmilk and didn’t have any issues. When my mom told the screener, a young guy, what it was he almost dropped the bag in an effort to get away from it! Guess we were lucky to have a squeamish checker.

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