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World Breastfeeding Week Book Contest — Winner 7

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Here is the seventh winner of my book contest …. Covey, from the blog Denton Doings. She sent me her breastfeeding story, and as a prize she’ll receive a copy of “Mama Knows Breast: A Beginner’s Guide to Breastfeeding.” Here’s Covey’s story:

When my son was 9 months old he decided that teething in his top teeth was best done by chomping on my breast. No amount of gentile persuasion deterred the little vampire! He was bound and determined to bite me even though I would break his latch and put him down and tell him “No-that hurts mommy. Boobies are for eating not biting.”
We were on our way back from the International Day of the Midwife Celebrations in Raleigh and I decided to risk nursing him on the bus because he was tired and hot and we had an hour car ride ahead of us to get back home. We were bouncing along when suddenly he bit down as hard as he could. Blood squirted everywhere and I did my best not to scream. I pushed his face against my chest to get him to let go and he did, after about 30 seconds. He pulled off marvelously happy with himself that he had bitten me so thoroughly! I quickly grabbed some wipes from the diaper bag, packed them in my bra and put things away. When we got home it was off the doctor for 3 stitches–ouch! Little teeth can sure make some big holes!
In order to let the injury heal I had to pump on that side for 7 days. My little man proceeded to try and bite every time my other breast was presented so we switched to bottles. I was distraught! I only had a manual pump, I didn’t want to wean him, he missed the closeness of breast feeding and I am WAY too lazy to bottle feed!! After calling my LLL leaders and searching the internet and deciding this was just a nursing strike I proceeded the long journey of getting him back on the breast.
It started at midnight. I would sneak into his room, pick him up out of his crib and slip him on the breast. He nursed away–no biting–no waking up. I then snuck in again at 5:45 (a good 30 minutes before my little man typically woke up) and nursed him again. He would usually wake up sucking my breast and go ahead and finish without biting. After 3 or 4 days of doing this successfully I moved in on the morning nap. I snuck in about 30 minutes before he normally woke up from his nap and nursed him awake again. After 4 days of this I moved in on the afternoon nap. Finally, after a long 11 days, I braved a daytime nursing. The JAWS theme was playing in my head as I settled into our nursing chair. I tried to be as relaxed as I could and we succeeded!! My little man started nursing again full time!! No more bottles-no more pumps!
After getting him back on the breast we continued to have a great nursing relationship with only the occasional nibble.

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OH MY GOSH! Ouch!!! I have had my share of bites, but nothing like this! I would have done the same- I’d have done anything to keep nursing. Good for you!

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