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Applebee’s Nurse In

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This story has been brewing for a while and I’ve been a little slow on the uptake. Sorry about that.
So a quick summary: There’s a national nurse in on Saturday, September 8th at Applebee’s locations across the country. It all started when an Applebee’s employee in Kentucky asked a mom to stop nursing. Here’s a good summary of the incident at Breastfeeding123. There’s also a fantastic map of the nurse ins…so far there are 51 locations in 27 states.
Now, if you want to see if there’s a nurse in near you, you can check out this Yahoo Group formed for the event.

One Response to “Applebee’s Nurse In”

I love the public nursing. I honestly don’t know how I (or my baby!) would survive without it. But I’ve been reading some conflicting reports about this Applebee’s situation. I read that she was asked to be a little more modest and use a blanket (and not to stop outright). It seems like this is progress (considering the horror stories of women being escorted off airplanes).
I’m just sayin.

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