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Breastfeeding in the News

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Here are some stories you might want to follow…they’ve all been brewing for a while so I’ll summarize them.
Dr. Sophie Currier is suing the National Board of Medical Examiners to get extra break time in order to pump breast milk while she’s taking a 9 hour licensing exam. The Board has denied her earlier requests. Sophie has set up her own blog, Support Nursing Moms. The case is going to federal cout.
For summaries of the Applebee nurse-ins this past weekend, check out my pals over at Breastfeeding123, Motherwear, and The Lactivist. There were reportedly close to 2,000 people at 100 restaurants in 44 states. There’s a lot to watch on YouTube.
And finally…good old Facebook, the social networking site, has been giving moms who post breastfeeding pictures a hard time. Facebook has removed some pictures and even revoked one mom’s priveleges to use the site. According to USA Today…
USA TODAY heard back from Facebook’s P.R. department.
“Facebook does allow mothers to upload and share photos of themselves breastfeeding their babies, and those photos remain available on Facebook as long as they follow the site’s Terms of Use. Photos containing a fully exposed breast do violate those Terms and could be removed,” spokeswoman Brandee Barker says in a statement that was sent to On Deadline.
The company says “an investigations team” within the customer service department decides whether a particular image qualifies as “offensive content.”

I joined Facebook recently, and I have to say while I was originally a skeptic, I love it. It’s enabled me to find friends I haven’t been in touch with for a while. But come on Facebook, what’s the big deal? I joined this group on Facebook, “Hey Facebook, Breastfeeding is Not Obscene.”

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