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Mama Knows Breast is Available on Amazon and In Barnes & Noble (and Borders)

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I took this picture with my cell phone today. The soft focus somewhat accurately depicts my utter disbelief. I went into Barnes & Noble at Broadway and 82nd Street because I was doing an errand nearby, and lo and behold, there it was. My book! All four copies of it!
I bought two, and at the suggestion of the salesperson, signed the remaining two copies (they put the “Autgraphed” sticker on them). She said they only had four copies in the entire store but would order more.
And as equally exciting…I went onto Amazon last night and ordered some copies of the book. As I was completing the order I seriously expected to get a message saying the books would be shipped at an unknown date. Again, shock of all shock! With a two day delivery, the books should be here this Friday.
A couple more options for buying on line:
Barnes & Noble has their own website.
Borders book stores has the book too. If you buy on line, the site connects to Amazon.
Quirk Books, the publisher, will sell it to you too. They also have a link to a photo of an interior illustrated page.
P.S. Can you tell I’m a little excited?! This is my third blog post tonight.

4 Responses to “Mama Knows Breast is Available on Amazon and In Barnes & Noble (and Borders)”

Hey Andi! Well done you!! I’m so thrilled for you… it must be an amazing feeling to see your very own book in print :)

so thrilled for you …hope this baby just toddles out the stores…

very happy for you. what an accomplishment!! congrats. now everyone just start lining up at the book stores asking for more copies.

I can’t wait to read it! That’s so wonderful and surreal, I bet.

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