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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

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Not a breastfeeding story… but hey, I do think about other things from time to time!
Thing One: If you’re looking for someone to do a family portrait of your kiddos, you’ve absolutely got to check out Mercedes McAndrew. She did my photograph which appears on my About page. Click here. She takes the most amazing pictures of children, and she’s running a promotion right now. She’s based in New York, but is doing photo sessions in NY, MA, RI, TX and CA. Call or email her! (prices range from $400 to $550).
Thing Two: James Adler of The Munchkin Music Club rocks. He was the pied piper at The Bortsky’s third birthday party this past weekend. He does music classes in Boston and New York and has a new CD out of his own songs.
Thing Three: My Colgate 360 toothbrush. It’s got this funky double-sided thing going on that really leaves your teeth feeling squeaky clean. I’m not joking. For video reviews by lots of folks, check out Expo TV.

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