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Use Amazon to See Some Mama Knows Breast Book Excerpts…and Another Book Review

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Amazon has a really cool function that allows you to search inside certain books. Go to the page where Mama Knows Breast is sold, then click on the image of the cover. This takes you to some book excerpts that Amazon selected. In addition, you can do a word search and see more sample pages. For example, type in “sex,” or type “yoga” and you’ll find more material.
I’ve used this function when I’ve considered buying other books in the past, so I’m glad it’s up and running for Mama Knows Breast now too.
And one more thing…the blog Boston Mamas reviewed the book a few days ago and had this to say:
During the dazed and stressful early days of breastfeeding, sometimes you just need the quick facts; a concise means to bypass the overwhelming sea of nursing resources that your newly short-circuited attention span can’t handle anyway. For this purpose, check out Mama Knows Breast: A Beginner’s Guide to Breastfeeding by Boston native Andi Silverman.

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