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Speaking at a Moms’ Event in New York City

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You’d think, after all these years of speaking in front of people, and even working as a reporter, I wouldn’t get nervous about public speaking. But I do. Can someone please teach me how to meditate?
Anyway, if you want to see me put on my “I’m-not-the-least-bit-anxious-game-face,” come to a book party next week in New York City. I’ll be at Citibabes on Wednesday, November 7th, from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.. Here’s the Citibabe’s site if you want more information.

The Red Sox, Manny Ramirez and Breastfeeding

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Our first son saw the Red Sox win the World Series in 2004. It was momentous. The Bortsky was just weeks old, and if I wasn’t breastfeeding at night, I was watching the games. I should have been asleep, bracing myself for the next feeding, but I was glued to the TV. It was history. And the moment they won, I woke him up so that he could witness it himself. It was kind of like the way my mom said I saw the first man land on the moon.
Now, three years, and two kids later, I fell asleep during the final inning of last night’s victory. So did my husband. We woke up at 12:30 in the morning to find all the lights in the bedroom on and the TV blaring. “We did a grandpa,” my husband declared. “We fell asleep with the TV on. So sad.”
But back to baseball, you may have heard of Manny Ramirez, the Red Sox’s left-fielder. According to this article he was breastfed until he was about 4 years old. True? I’m not sure. I think the team’s pr machine is probably a little busy right now, so I won’t bother them to check. Whatever the case…maybe Manny could become the new poster child for breastfeeding. Breastfeed…Win The World Series. Add that to the list of reasons to breastfeed!

Things Get Lost in The Mail

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The mail is usually pretty reliable. You put some postage on, drop your letter in the box, and somehow, miraculously, it gets where it’s supposed to go. Pretty cool.
Well Sinead, over at Breastfeeding Mums, has a funny story to tell. My book went from the publisher in Philadelphia, to Uganda before arriving at her home in Northern Ireland. The proof is in the postage stamp! Read more here.

Some Parenting Sites for You To Check Out

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Here’s what I’ve found recently: has a new breastfeeding Guide. Melissa Nagin is a lactation consultant in New York City. Click here for her bio. She has a great post right now on how she tried to teach her son economics using breastfeeding to illustrate the concept of supply and demand. (Full disclosure, my husband works at About, but I promise, he had nothing to do with this post!)
Jennifer at the Black Breastfeeding Blog, who I’ve mentioned before, has added a cool new audio function to her blog. (She’s using utterz). If you want to hear the sound of her lovely voice, you can check out a review she posted of my book.
Finally, take a look at The Well Mom. Former ABC News Anchor Heather Cabot is running this site. The Well Mom aims to help moms take care of themselves while they are taking care of everyone else, too. She has a fantastic post on her site now about post-partum depression, and legislative efforts to increase funding for PPD research and outreach to moms. Heather also recently interviewed me about my book. Click here to read her piece.

Learning to Read

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Is this not the cutest picture? Whitney of Rookie Moms sent me this photo of her son, Julian, who is almost three. He’s “reading” Mama Knows Breast.
Whitney has a three month old, too, and Julian oftens asks, “Does she want milk? Ok, take out your breast for her. Now, do you want a pillow?”
Watch out all you boobie experts. I think you have some competition.

Julia Roberts and Breastfeeding

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Want a good chuckle? Watch Julia Roberts receive an award and joke about breastfeeding her new son, Henry. From Access Hollywood via Omg….Click here. And for more stories about Julia Roberts and her three kiddies go to the Celebrity Baby Blog.

Breastfeeding Video for the Virtual Nurse in on October 10th

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Moms are mobilizing for the virtual nurse in today, organized by the lovely ladies over at The League of Maternal Justice. Read more about the Breast Fest event here.
And now, watch this video The League of Maternal Justice put together, with input from lots of different moms. It’s a little fuzzy, but still beautiful.

Getting a Mammogram

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I had my first mammogram today. And you know what, it wasn’t so bad. Sure, getting your boob pressed in a cold vise isn’t the greatest thing in the world. But it’s pretty quick, and if you’ve given birth to a baby, believe me, you can do this too. My appointment was for 10:00 and I was out by 10:15. I even had the results. Fortunately, all clear. I won’t have to come back for another two years, when I’m 40. (40?!?! Now THAT hurts).
It’s sort of fitting that I had this done today. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Here’s some excellent information on different types of breast cancer screening and the benefits of early detection. Here are age recommendations for mammograms. And remember to do your monthly self-exam. Sign up for a monthly reminder from Check Your

My Blog is Fixed– HOORAY

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I’ve been trying to figure out, for the past week, why my blog was breaking down. First the right hand column disappeared… the ads, the link to my book on Amazon. Then the Home page started to vanish. Thank you to all of you who offered suggestions on how to fix the problem.
Ultimately, it was my site designer Stacy Sekimori (Sekimori Design), who figured out that I had most likely run out of disk space on my host. Sure enough, she was right. It took me two days to figure out who was hosting this site (note to self– keep more organized records). When I did, I bought more space. Who knew that I had been blogging long enough (since April of 2006) to actually need more storage?
Mission accomplished. Phew.

The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

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The author of Haiku Mama, the brilliant Kari Anne Roy, has come up with the perfect shower gift…buy her book and my book together. If you haven’t heard of Haiku Mama, here’s an excerpt…and my all time favorite:
When she was my mom
she said no sweets before lunch
Hypocrite grandma.

Now…on to her blog review of my book, which I’m printing in it’s entirely because she’s just that funny. (Check out the rest of Haiku of the Day while you’re there). Oh, and yes, we have the same publisher.
an instruction book
the magical manual
for your gazongas
If you’ve had a baby you already know this, if you haven’t, this may sound shocking: Once your baby is born you lose all knowledge of your breasts. You think you understand them. You’re pretty sure they’re still part of your body. But then they turn into painful porn star rocks, and they shoot liquid half-way across the room, and you might as well have twin turbine engines jutting out of your chest because you can’t figure out what in the hell is going on.
And as you struggle (yes, struggle) to get your baby to latch on, and you feel scorching, searing pain as your nipples toughen, you think, “GodDAMNit why don’t these things come with a manual.”
Well, now they do.
My friend Andi Silverman, fellow Quirk Books author, fellow mama, and fellow lactator, has written Mama Knows Breast: a beginner’s guide to breastfeeding. It has everything in it from pros and cons, figuring shit out (literally and figuratively), tips and tricks – even weaning. It’s a funny, helpful little book filled with real life anecdotes (keep on the lookout and you’ll spot one from me).
If you’re currently nursing, or plan to be nursing, or know someone who is currently breastfeeding or planning to, this is really a great book (and I’m not just saying that because my book goes great with Andi’s book as a shower gift). It’s short, easy to read, non-preachy, and full of trendy little illustrations that explain things like what the hell the football hold really is.
Check it out. You’ll dig it.