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If you want to watch the story that aired on the Today Show about “push presents” here is the link. Click here. All of the moms who were interviewed were at my book signing. So that was kind of cool to see them.
As for the whole “push present” concept…I don’t know. I mean what girl doesn’t want a little bling, or token of sentimentality now and then. And yet, isn’t support and encouragement the best gift of all from your spouse? What do you guys think?

3 Responses to “Here’s the Today Show Clip”

I dunno…being “rewarded” with a high dollar value item for the birth of a baby is too close to being paid.
Maybe a gift worth thousands is a mere trinket for some, but for our lifestyle flowers are much more appropriate!

I told my husband to not worry about any “push presents”. We had enough going on in our lives, I did not feel like he needed more pressure. With our 2nd baby, I did specifically ask for flowers because I knew they would be good for me ( I LOVE fresh flowers).
However, I did buy myself a little something with our son, a black agate cameo that shows a mother and child. It was not super expensive and is flat, so I can wear it without scratchy a precious head. It is a piece of jewelry I wear daily.
With my daughter, I treated myself to the deluxe version of the The Deathly Hallows.
In short, I do not think new fathers need any more pressure schlepping the malls for a gift, but I do think it is nice for the new mother to treat herself to something.

For my first Mother’s Day I received a combined Mom’s Day present as well as push gift. My husband and my babies gave me beautiful diamond earrings. They are lovely, sentimental and I deserved them for pushing out and exclusively breastfeeding our TWINS! Every time I put them on for a special occasion I smile and think of my husband’s support and my beautiful babies. I will treasure them always. :)

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