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My Blog is Fixed– HOORAY

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I’ve been trying to figure out, for the past week, why my blog was breaking down. First the right hand column disappeared… the ads, the link to my book on Amazon. Then the Home page started to vanish. Thank you to all of you who offered suggestions on how to fix the problem.
Ultimately, it was my site designer Stacy Sekimori (Sekimori Design), who figured out that I had most likely run out of disk space on my host. Sure enough, she was right. It took me two days to figure out who was hosting this site (note to self– keep more organized records). When I did, I bought more space. Who knew that I had been blogging long enough (since April of 2006) to actually need more storage?
Mission accomplished. Phew.

3 Responses to “My Blog is Fixed– HOORAY”

I bet that’s a relief! I always get spazz-tastic when our blog breaks. Ask my Husband. ;)

Oh, a tip! Check your error logs – sometimes they can become HUGE and it’s a total waste of space (and money if you buy more space that you don’t actually need if you delete your error logs).
Came here via The League of Maternal Justice, btw. Will bookmark :D

I’ve never heard of half a page disappearing when the your disk space is low. The whole blog should have gone. But anyway…good thing it’s back, right.
By the way, did you see your blogged linked on this video.

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