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My Virtual Book Tour for Mama Knows Breast

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When I finally finished writing Mama Knows Breast, I naively asked the publisher if I was going on a book tour. She must have thought I was a total idiot…or entirely self-centered…to ask that question. Seems that today book tours are reserved for the heavy hitters. And that’s where the internet steps in for the common folk.
The NYT Style section ran a piece a few weeks ago on the increasing popularity of the “virtual book tour.” In other words, authors sit at home (in my case, sporting an apple sauce coated t-shirt), and visit blogs and websites to promote their book. Sometimes the blogger writes about the book; sometimes the author does a guest blog post.
In a sense, I’ve been doing a virtual book tour on my own for the past couple of weeks– thank you to all the lovely bloggers who have kindly reviewed my book. And now, I’m also doing something a little more formal through a website called Mother-Talk has a post about my book, a “backstory” that I wrote, and links to 10 bloggers who are doing reviews all this week.
Throughout the week I’ll put links here to each of the 10 blogs, and pull quotes, as they post:
Oct 1: Stirrup Queens writes a review, as well as her story about how, after the birth of her twins, she never produced enough milk. After trying every suggested remedy under the sun, she eventually found out, through blood tests, that the problem was due to low prolactin levels. She also draws parallels between the emotional challenges of both fertility treatments and breastfeeding problems. There are a lot of people leaving comments to her post. Check it out.
And Making Things Up, who is having her fourth baby any day now, has this to say: “The text’s layout is practical for the brand-new mom: the author wisely makes use of lists and short sections, so you can set down the book at a moment’s notice without feeling lost when you come back.”
Oct. 2
Suburban Turmoil writes: “I especially enjoyed the “From the mouths of moms” blurbs, with first-person tales from the trenches that were often hilarious and reminiscent of my own breastfeeding experiences.”
Oct 3: A Vocational Duality says “The section on nursing etiquette is wonderful in its detail, including comebacks for nosey critics. Likewise her kick in the pants about comparing oneself to celebrities who have personal trainers, chefs, and nannies that most of us can’t afford.”

Life as Lou
says, “Silverman captures the perfect tone of encouragement and support, while keeping a realistic perspective. This book is the perfect blend of help and humor, and I absolutely recommend it.” And while you’re on her site, you’ve got to check out the gorgeous photos Lou posted of Manti, UT on October 3rd.
Oct. 4:
Family Living: Hatfield Style says “(T)his book actually dares to talk about sex and breastfeeding, a question on many mom’s minds that isn’t addressed in many print books and seems taboo to ask your neighbor. My Husband read this section with interest.“
Vivirlatino says “[Mama Knows Breast] may well be one of the best books on the subject out there.
Oct. 5:
Ask Moxie writes “There’s a huge segment of the population who gets pregnant without ever having taken care of a baby. In our culture not many of us grew up watching anyone nurse a baby. How many of us even knew that the milk comes out of a bunch of little holes in each nipple? There are all sorts of things we don’t know that someone needs to tell us, without freaking us out or making us feel bad for not knowing it. And I think that’s the strength of Mama Knows Breast. It’s a funny, gentle, hip-looking introduction to some basic concepts of breastfeeding.”
Writing in the Mountains says “This book is…informative and serious as well as humorous. That can be a rare thing to come by in this genre, the all inclusive ‘Mommy Lit’, where a majority can be found to favor one or the other school of thought.”
And finally, Major Bedhead writes, “There are loads of tips and information that, even now, after having nursed three babies, I wish someone had told me. The tip about getting a footstool seems so basic, and yet I didn’t figure that one out until baby #2. The advice about what to keep at hand while nursing is also key – I never remembered to keep the phone next to me. Never. Water I had, the phone, eh, not so much.”

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