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The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

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The author of Haiku Mama, the brilliant Kari Anne Roy, has come up with the perfect shower gift…buy her book and my book together. If you haven’t heard of Haiku Mama, here’s an excerpt…and my all time favorite:
When she was my mom
she said no sweets before lunch
Hypocrite grandma.

Now…on to her blog review of my book, which I’m printing in it’s entirely because she’s just that funny. (Check out the rest of Haiku of the Day while you’re there). Oh, and yes, we have the same publisher.
an instruction book
the magical manual
for your gazongas
If you’ve had a baby you already know this, if you haven’t, this may sound shocking: Once your baby is born you lose all knowledge of your breasts. You think you understand them. You’re pretty sure they’re still part of your body. But then they turn into painful porn star rocks, and they shoot liquid half-way across the room, and you might as well have twin turbine engines jutting out of your chest because you can’t figure out what in the hell is going on.
And as you struggle (yes, struggle) to get your baby to latch on, and you feel scorching, searing pain as your nipples toughen, you think, “GodDAMNit why don’t these things come with a manual.”
Well, now they do.
My friend Andi Silverman, fellow Quirk Books author, fellow mama, and fellow lactator, has written Mama Knows Breast: a beginner’s guide to breastfeeding. It has everything in it from pros and cons, figuring shit out (literally and figuratively), tips and tricks – even weaning. It’s a funny, helpful little book filled with real life anecdotes (keep on the lookout and you’ll spot one from me).
If you’re currently nursing, or plan to be nursing, or know someone who is currently breastfeeding or planning to, this is really a great book (and I’m not just saying that because my book goes great with Andi’s book as a shower gift). It’s short, easy to read, non-preachy, and full of trendy little illustrations that explain things like what the hell the football hold really is.
Check it out. You’ll dig it.

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