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Amazon Won’t Let Me Use the Word BreastFeed as a Tag For My Book

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I’ve been having an odd problem with Amazon lately. The page where my book Mama Knows Breast is sold has a space where you can create “tags” for the book. These words help people find books that they might find useful.
I was able to create a whole series of tags related to my book. Words like “nursing,” “lactation,” “baby gift” worked. But there are certain tags Amazon simply won’t let me create. I can’t create a tag that says “breast feeding” or “breastfeeding” or “breast-feeding.” Other variations that won’t work: breastfed, breast fed, breast-fed, breast feed, breastfeed or breast-feed. You get the idea. Even simply, “breast” won’t work. Elisabeth Squires, author of the new book “bOObs: A Guide to Your Girls” told me Amazon won’t let her use the tag “boob.”
I imagine this is some sort of super duper anti-porn spam filter at work here. But it’s quite silly given the subject matter of the book. I’ve tried to contact Amazon customer service through the website a few times and haven’t gotten a response.
Does anyone have any suggestions? How can we get Amazon to wake up and smell the coffee?

4 Responses to “Amazon Won’t Let Me Use the Word BreastFeed as a Tag For My Book”

I am surprised you haven’t gotten a response… what are new moms searching for books on breastfeeding and all the terms supposed to do!?

That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Boo! Hiss! to Amazon. }:-(

good publicity can come from bad censorship … send out an sos…write an article

Not sure I have any ideas on how to deal with your problem. You’d think there’d be a TON of legitimate books which include “naughty” words. What about the volumes on sexuality and the like?
In other news, I just bestowed your book last night as a gift for friends expecting a baby in London at Xmas. So more dispersion in Europe. They were very excited, showing me their pile of very SERIOUS baby books, that this was a much more accessible treatment.

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