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I’m Making A Guest Appearance on the Site The Nest Baby

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In the late 90′s I lived on Mott Street in Manhattan. It was a cute little block that had yet to be overrun by chic boutiques. Today its a shoppers’ mecca. But back then we had one coffee shop, a pizza place, a diner and some abandoned store fronts. I also had a hallway neighbor who mentioned that she was working on a new website for brides. (She may have even been starting it, I can’t remember. I can’t remember her name, either). That little website was called The Knot. I’m sure you’ve heard of it.
If you have, you may also know The Knot’s sister websites, The Nest, and The Nest Baby. Can you say building a brand?
Anyway, The Nest Baby is an adorable site for moms who are trying to conceive, well into their pregnancies or experiencing life with a newborn. I’m making a guest appearance on the site this week, and I’m answering reader questions. Hop on over if you’d like and check things out.

One Response to “I’m Making A Guest Appearance on the Site The Nest Baby”

Ah, The Knot. Memories of wedding days gone by. I knew about The Nest but didn’t know about The Nest Baby! *heads on over* Thanks for giving me a new addiction! ;)

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