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To Clarify My Earlier Post on Amazon Tags

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Just to be clear, you can still go to the main Amazon search bar and type in the word breastfeeding. This will take you to a big list of breastfeeding books. So customers aren’t at a total loss.
But the beauty of a tag is that it enables you to find other products that people have similarly tagged. For example, if I click on my tag “lactation,” Amazon brings me to books, bras, tea and nursing pads. These are items that other customers have tagged with the word lactation.
To learn more about tags, and other ways to use them, click here for information from Amazon.

One Response to “To Clarify My Earlier Post on Amazon Tags”

As an added fyi, if you search for “boobs” on Amazon, you don’t find many products related to breast health, breastfeeding, and/or breast cancer.

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