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A Breastfeeding Blogging Bonanza

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Moms love to tell their stories about childbirth. There’s the “I pushed for 14 hours” story. The “you would not believe what happened to me…” story. The “I went all natural” or the “I begged for drugs” stories. And even the “I thought I was going to strangle (insert name)” story.
Now, it seems the story to tell is the breastfeeding tale. That’s what happened today on the new collective blog, New York City Moms. The NY Moms blog is part of a larger blogging network that has sites focused on Silicon Valley, Chicago and Washington, DC. And today, in each region, the focus was on breastfeeding…the ups and downs of boobs, bottles and babes.
I’m new to blogging for NY Moms, and I was thrilled that they asked me to write the introductory post to today’s entries. Click here for a full list of all of the entries from the day. The site administrators got so many requests from bloggers and readers to include their stories, that they ended up opening an entry where anyone can contribute. Click here if you have a tale to tell.

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