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Keeping a Feeding Log

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When our first son was born I kept a meticulous journal of his feedings. I’d note the time he ate, which breast he ate from, and how long he fed. I also marked down wet and dirty diapers. I was on top of things, and pretty proud of myself. At least I was, until his pediatrician more or less dismissed my note taking. I handed him a copy of the log, and he gave it right back to me. “I don’t need this,” he said. But look at all my hard work, I felt like saying back to him. Look, even my handwriting is neat!
What I realize now, is that he was essentially saying, your son is fine. He’s peeing and pooping and most importantly gaining weight– you can relax.
But fast forward to our second son, I did the same thing again. I kept a journal for a couple of weeks because I found it helped me keep track of what was going on. In a post-delivery fog, and sleep-deprived state, it helped me to remember when he ate. It was especially important because he was a sleepy baby, and I had to wake him to make sure he ate frequently enough.
So, I still like the idea of keeping notes for a little while, at least. And I’m sure some moms do it longer. That’s why I was excited to get a copy of this journal from Random House. “Time to Feed: A Journal for Recording Your Baby’s Feeding Schedule” is a great gift for a new mom. In fact, I just gave it to a friend today. It has simple entry spaces for each feeding, whether its boob or bottle, breast milk or formula. Best of all, there is a basic guide to breastfeeding at the back of the book, written by La Leche League.
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3 Responses to “Keeping a Feeding Log”

This is a very nice gift to give a new mother. Having worked with many first time mother’s for many years I have seen many of them struggling with feeding and remembering what time they last fed their baby, particularly in the middle of the night. Having a new life enter your life will involve immense change and can also involve a lot of sleep deprivation. Anything that will help at this time should be encouraged. But as well as giving a new mother this book how about giving some gift tokens specially designed for the new mom from you. These are not one you purchase from at a store but one written and decorated by you.
This token allows the bearer to exchange it for one of the following suggestions:
1. One time of watching and if necessary walking around while you sleep for a couple of hours.
2. One meal cooked and delivered to your home
3. Washing and ironing
4. Anything you know the new mother might like.
It is often easier for a new mother to exchange one of these than for her to ask for help.
Get lots of free advice from an English Nanny.

I also kept a log – just a page in a notebook where i kept track of feedings, which side, and wet/dry diapers. It eased my mind that I wasn’t forgetting anything. I did the same with my 2nd kid and truthfully, needed it even MORE the 2nd time. With kids 20 months apart, I had even more on my mind the 2nd time around!

Sister, I did it for eight months with my first son and eight months with my second. Once you get in the habit, it can be kind of hard to stop.

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