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Breastfeeding is Good For the Environment

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Anything you can do to cut down on the amount of stuff you send to a landfill has got to be eco-friendly. Breastfeeding falls into that category. So, boob fed babes=less trash.
Nursing Mother Supplies is recognizing this with an on-line contest. Here’s information from the site:
Get your saying on a t-shirt, win a $300 breastfeeding gift basket and help the environment all at the same time. We, at Nursing Mother Supplies, are searching behind every breastpump and baby to find a witty mom. We know there is a mom out there who has the perfect catch phrase to encompass the environmentally friendly impact of breastfeeding.
* The winning phrase will be printed on t-shirts and sold at
* All of the profit generated from the sale of t-shirts will be donated to charity.
* Fifty percent of the profit will be donated to La Leche League International to assist in its effort to promote breastfeeding.
* The other fifty percent will go to an environmental organization chosen by the winner.
Click here to enter. The deadline is April 30th.

3 Responses to “Breastfeeding is Good For the Environment”

I wonder if I can become overly witty by the end of next month. :)

It seems to me that “mama knows breast” is a pretty catchy phrase already. By the way, love the website. I’ve passed the ten month mark solely breastfeeding my twin boys. I think I may be about ready to be done though since one of my little loves broke the skin today. Can we say ouch?

Yay for green boobies! :D Just kidding. But seriously. I went into breastfeeding just knowing it would be cheaper and easier to feed my baby. In long the run, the benefits have been amazing! I entered this contest a while back ago. I’m excited to see who wins!

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