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When our kids were newborns, I hated bath time. I was scared. In my eyes, water plus baby equaled danger. I wouldn’t bathe them unless another adult was around. As a result, the kids sometimes went more than a week without a bath. But it didn’t really matter. They weren’t all that dirty. And besides, “baths dry out the skin,” I rationalized.
Once we hit the sandbox years all that changed. Apple sauce and yogurt made baths a necessity. So I figured out various tricks to make things feel less precarious. My all time best move– using a towel under their armpits to lift them out of the bath. It worked wonders.
And these days, there are definitely high points in the bath routine. The boys now ask to take a “brothers’ bath.” Together, they bathe their ducks and “wash” the tub walls. There are even comedic moments. The Bear (2 years old) once announced, “Mommy, a nugget.” (That’s his word for a little poop). And sure enough, I found a marble-sized green ball in the water.
Even so, I sometimes avoid bath time for a different reason– pure exhaustion. With a 2 year old and a 3 year old, baths involve an incredible amount of wrangling– into the bathroom, clothes off, into the tub, spash splash plash, out of the tub, moisturize, diaper on before there’s a pee on the floor, pajamas on. It’s like herding recalcitrant cattle.
But maybe I don’t need to dread all of this so much. Weleda, the makers of organic personal care and medicinal products recently contacted me to tell me about their items for babies. So far, I’ve tried the Calendula Lotion and Calendula Cream Bath. Both have a lovely scent that reminds me of a spa. I can’t tell you what the kids think of these products– we’re away and I’m not about to try anything new on them while we’re not home. I did, however, test the products on my own skin, which is extremely sensitive and prone to exczema. And so far so good. (But before you try any new products on a child with rash prone skin or allergies, check with your pediatrician).
Weleda has offered to give away five sets of the lotion and cream bath. So I’m holding a little contest. Leave a comment with your favorite bath time story. I’ll then pick five winners at random. The contest deadline is March 30th.

45 Responses to “Leave A Comment and Enter to Win Weleda Baby Lotion and Soap”

No bathtime story. I just wanted to wish the webmistress a very happy birthday!

really every time i give my 1 yr old (she just turned 1 yesterday) a bath is my favorite time. she gets so excited when i say lets go have a bath, she walks all the way up the stairs into the bathroom and tries to get in with all her cloths on. she squeals and laughs while i get her undressed and if she could i think she would jump in the tub!!

Scott and I once stayed at a tiny inn in a tiny town in Provence, and the innkeepers made their own lovely soaps. One was infused with calendula. We loved that soap so much that we had boxes of it shipped to us every few months for years after. I’ll have to remember the Weleda soaps when we can use scented products on Gabe!

Hmmm. I don’t have a real *story,* but my girls love to color on the walls of the tub with soap crayons.

Oh my…where do I begin? I have a 3 year old and one that will be two next month. Bath = Water Damage to the house!! When my two boys take a bath together it looks like a Tsunami hit. One time in particular, my husband decided to give them a bath in our garden tub…the one with the jets to create a hot tub affect. Mr. Genius decided it would be fun to add some bubble bath into the tub and turn the jets on. Well, he must have put 1/2 a bottle in there because several days later the bubbles were STILL trying to go down the drain! Our bathroom…Hmmm, I mean bathtub was 1/4 water and 3/4+ bubbles! Needless to say my boys were giggling about that the rest of the night. They thought it was the best bath they ever had and I remind Mr. Genius from time to time about his bath IQ. ;)

So I dont have that many funny bath stories yet, since my only baby is only 6mo. but I remember when she was a newborn barely old enough to have a normal bath and not a sponge bath anymore… I pulled her out of the tub and layed her on the counter wrapped in her towel, she then shot poop all over me, the towel … the floor everywhere… needless to say dad took over while i changed and we put her back in the tub to clean her up, then again we pulled her out to dry her off and again she shot poop all over me, the towel and everywhere AGAIN… so i didn’t bother to change again i put her back in the tub washed her down again and we tag teamed the diaper as soon as she was out. The things a mother will do. and Nugget… that sounds gross but hey i’m sure it will be nothing when its my daughter. Who also has exzema.. :) nice.

Yesterday when we got home my daughter (9 mos) and I decided to have a little pool party in our whirlpool tub (didn’t turn the jets on). She needed a bath anyway. She had a great time playing with her rubber ducky and floating around while I held her!

WOW. I thought I was the only person who HATED bathtime with her kids. I agree that there is so much “fright and danger” written all over bathtime. A month ago, I was finally able to let that go and now we LOVE bathtime. I am so excited that we finally all enjoy it. My husband love watching our 2.5 year old and 8 month old splash and giggle away together.
Funny story? I was videotaping my kid in the bath once and he fell over, started crying as I was videotaping. Mother of year, I tell ya. Then, I set him back up, start videotaping AGAIN whereupon he fell over AGAIN. So very nice to have EVIDENCE of my parenting skillz, no?

I love bath stories! This is great. My daughter went through a phase where she would poop in the tub almost every time she took a bath. When we went to my sister’s house for a visit, she did it there, and I think it shocked my sister, but I was so used to it by then that I just cleaned it out, drained the tub, and we were done. Finally, after a few months, I was able to convince her that “we don’t poop in the tub.” She was potty training at the time, but I think she is still confused about the fact that she can pee in the water, but not poop!
I know, it’s totally gross, but it’s one of those things you go through as a mom, I guess!
My favorite baths are the ones where I get out all the lavender products, the bubble bath, the soap, the shampoo, and she just smells so fantastic after her bath. I also put lavender lotion on her after the bath, just to let it sink in. Her hair will smell like lavender for 3 days. It’s my husband’s favorite, too. Whenever I give her those baths, he just loves to hold her and smell the calm.

My favorite bathtime story just happened. It was a few weeks ago when my son had just turned 7 months old. We were both getting over a cold and I could tell he didn’t want to take a bath without me. I got in and dedcided to wash my hair, but with a head full of shampoo, he just wanted to nurse and nurse. We sat there soapy and nursing for the longest time then he started to fall asleep. I figured I should rinse off before he snoozed, so I held him under the shower while I rinsed my hair. He nestled his fack in the hollow of my neck and fell right to sleep under the steamy stream of water. I could have died. It was the sweetest moment ever and I just stood there with him until the hot water ran out.

Well, I don’t have real stories yet, my newborn baby is not even 3 months old yet, but when he gets in the tub, it’s really cute, he splashes around, wetting everything around his bathing tub. That’s when I have someone to bathe him with, if not, like when my husband was away on business for a week and then away at an SEO conference in NY, I do it myself by putting him in a sink-the vanity sink, so he can’t slide too far. It’s really cute how he fits right in there filled with water. Wetting his hair is cute too, he was born with hair longer than an inch and curly too, so when it’s wet, the curls are just too precious.

We just gave our 3rd her first (at home) bath. Needless to say it took us almost 2.5 weeks (!) to get to the bath tub, this one won’t be getting too, too frequent baths. But less frequent baths are better for her skin, right?? The bath was a success, she was very happy, I will try to increase the frequency of them!

well i have lot of bath time storys but none i realy feel like shareing but in the long run i think all parents feel the same way when it comes down to well there little ones and bath time. mama my bath time story is verry much like yours as to one of my storys when it comes down to giveing the kids a bath

Oh! I’d be so excited to try this. I’m having not-very-good luck trying to find a new organic bath product line.
Okay, a bath story. Hmm. My daughter is 1 and still bathing in the baby tub in the sink, but that can’t last much longer. Unfortunately, my only tub is a deep jacuzzi one with glass shower doors, so I can’t bend over to bathe her. I’d have to get in there with her, which I don’t always want to do. So my dad built this crazy contraption to put the baby tub into. He spent two days building it, sanding it, etc., and it was useless: the sink hose didn’t reach it, and when we tried to extend it, we flooded the kitchen. And when my daughter is in it, she splashes so much that she wrecks the kitchen cabinets! So we’re back to the sink… for now. ;)

One of my favorite bath time stories actually wasn’t a happy time for the child. My twins were born premature and spent a while in the NICU. I took pictures of their first bath at home. We were SO thrilled to finally have them here where they belonged and to get to parent them ourselves (the nurses always gave them their baths. This was the first time we ever did). My youngest daughter, though screamed like crazy through hers. I still have the pictures of my husband bathing a teen tiny very unhappy baby and I can’t get over just how tiny she was and how very much she has grown.

My fave bath story just happened! We have 2 sons, 5 years old and 6 months old. We finally decided to graduate the baby from his infant tub into the big tub and thought it would be better received if big brother was in the tub with him. Baby brother was less than thrilled with the big tub, to say the least, and immediately started screaming and trying to escape. Being a great big brother, my oldest was helping to try to calm him down and wanted to try holding him on his lap. As soon as I set the baby on his lap, big bro started giggling and said “Mom, take him, he tooted on me!” I lifted the baby and Big Bro got a yucky surprise! LOL! That “toot” was accompanied by a big pile of poo right in his lap!
I can’t even begin to describe the madness that ensued the moment Big Bro caught a glimpse of the poo and realized what it was!

Greetings, I,too, was terrified of giving my first newborn son a bath. I had a wonderful baby bathtub with a non-slip area built in ready to go. I just couldn’t do it! I just knew I would somehow accidentally drown him. For the first week, my husband was home and I would assist him! Then, came the second week of being alone! TRAUMATIC! It ended up that my mother-in-law had to come everyday to bathe our son! She loved it! Then as he became a toddler, he never wanted to get out of the bath tub. He would play and play until the water would become too cool. Either my husband or myself would have to drain some of the water and let in warmer water for him. We have found out that he has sensitive skin. He doesn’t have any skin conditions, it just reacts to many baby bathing products. Please enter me in your wonderful drawing. I really appreciate it! Thanks very much…..Cindi :)

My daughters favorite bath time story is ‘Mimi’s Toes’. great giveaway, thanks!

First of all, I LOVE THE NAME OF YOUR BLOG! I’m totally bookmarking you on my blog. :D I’ve been nursing my daughter for going on six—wait, she’s already sixteen months!!! LOL how time flies!
My favorite bathtime stories would be when I bathed with my daughter when she was a newborn. I’d run the bathwater and put a washrag on my knees and lay her there in that crook. They are among my most cherished memories. I know she’ll never be that small again. And it’s sad, but exciting to see her growing and learning every day!
Thanks for the chance to win. Just contact my blog if I win.
I’ll also check back. :D

My daughter is really picky about where she takes a bath we found out. She screams if we give her one in the bathtub but, is fine if we give her one in the sink. We don’t get it but, it’s cute!

my girls love bath, a favorite story is that the oldest wanted bubble so I started a bubble bath. The youngest did not want bubbles so together they created a wall of bath toys to keep the bubbles on one side. I love that they worked togther and came up with the idea

This is an awesome giveaway. I love Weleda products. My baby was born in Germany & the hospital gifted us with a baby care kit of Weleda products. Phenomemal! The calendula cream, baby bath & even the diaper cream were all very comforting & soothing for my Gracie’s new baby skin. After our release from the hospital, our midwife followed up with homevisits…customary practice in Germany. She demonstrated massage with the baby using Weleda products. AND a bonus, mommy got a massage as weill with the Weleda arnica oil to help my uterous return to normal. It was a miracle product & all natural!
Back stateside now, I’ve lamented not having access to Welada products…no idea they were available online. THANKS so much for sharing! I’m a tried & tested believer in Weleda. Win or not, I’ll have some soon! :o )

My daughter loves bathtime. She’s even resorted to telling me she has to go potty just to get her into the bathroom. I set her on the potty and she hops up and says “DONE! SURE!” and proceeds to try to climb into the tub with her clothes on. I make her try to go potty before she’s allowed to get a bath. I figure this will help prevent messes while she’s IN the tub and hopefully train her for when we go swimming in the summer too.

I finally broke down and bathed both kids (4 year old daughter and 8 month old son) together and they had a blast! I’ve been holding off because I remember the one tub poopy incident my daughter had as an infant… ick. But thankfully it was good, clean fun.

my favorite thing about bathtime lately is that it has become our “story” to have my husband give our 5 month old daughter the bath. i get to decompress from the long day while listening to them splash and giggle and spend quality time together. sometimes it sounds so fun i just have to join in, but usually it is daddy time which is just fine with me.

My kids get to play with toys on the bathroom floor while I shower. One morning, my daughter dropped a toy in (a usual occurance) but this time, she followed it in, fully clothed, a second later, my son dropped his toy in and quickly followed it in. The just laughed and laughed…now every week they beg for their shower baths, now, without clothes on!

I love your blog- I’ll have to check out your book as a gift for some new mamas I know!
My son (just turned 2) has taken baths with me since he was a couple days old… he’s just now starting to talk so we haven’t got too many good “stories” yet- although he does love to turn the shower on while he’s bathing and giggle and squeal when he’s surprised with the rain like fall of water on his head.

My boy loves to bathe. He used to get so excited as a tiny infant in his mini-tub that he would kick, kick, kick so hard that water would splash out and if I let him go too long he’d start to get red marks on his feet!

We don’t have any good stories yet as our baby is brand new, altho I do remember being the only girl when my 2 brothers and I would take baths together, and they liked to play “firehose”. Yuck!
nifferjeno at gmail dot com

Ok…this may not be for public consumption. But, when my daughter was 2, my husband took over bath duties. Unfortunately for him, he skipped the “use the potty first” step. I was listenign over the baby monitor while makign dinner, and one night I heard “daddy, what’s that floatign in the water.” Followed by frantic scramblng as he pulled her out and told her to go see momyy (dripping wet) and then “honey, where’s the bleach?”

This is a really nice give away, I just went through all the comments and there’s some really special stories in there! I love the bath time, it’s my special time with my 3 kids, they are 10, 6 and 9 months old. They love to go in the bath together, although it’s getting crowded in there and they just have lots of fun with the 3 of them. Good luck to all the moms and dads out there!

I thought that I had gotten away without ever having a “poop in the tub” story until last week when my 2 year old let one slip when he was in there. He said “Mama… uh oh, THE POOP! There it is!”
I guess I can never be one of those mothers that say “My kids never pooped in the tub.”
Thanks for the giveaway :)

Mines another poop story. My daughter was about 5 months and hadn’t pooped in4-5 days. She was becoming really fussy. I thought a nice warm bath would calm her. I filled the tub up, had my husband hand her to me and within 30 seconds…..

Yeah, I avoid bathtime too. I have a 4 year old and twin 7 month olds. I just don’t find it fun and DH does NOT do baths. He does a lot of other things but not baths. I recently gave my four year old a bath with one of his sisters and he just thought that was great. I put 2 inches of water in, he hopped in and I bathed the baby. When I was done with the baby I added more water. I’m afraid of slipping/dropping children. I always used the “dries out the skin” excuse too.

My 1 year old niece got so excited about getting a bath that she climbed in the tub while we were filling it with all of her clothes on. Her older sister (3) was getting ready to take a bath with her so we just let her climb in with her clothes on as well.

The first time my son and his little sister took a bath together was just hilarious. They love it!

My daughter loves bath time. I think the best for us is when she said her first word — in the bath! She said “duck!” pointing to her rubber ducky. Pretty hard to top that for a great memory.

I found my daughter playing in the bathroom because daddy and I each thought the other was keeping an eye on her. She was holding her bottle of bubble bath so I thought she wanted a bath. I turned the tub on to run and took her into the bedroom to get her undressed and grab her Elmo bath towel. When we returned to the bathroom a minute or two later, the entire tub was FULL of bubbly foam! Apparently she poured a lot of bubble bath into the tub while she was in there alone and I didn’t see it because it must have blended in with the bathmat. I let her bathe in it anyway and she had a blast with all the foam and bubbles. Bubbles go way up high now so it won’t happen again though.
I’m loving all the poopy in the tub stories. When I was little my mom had me and my sister bathe together to save time. Once, my sister pooped in the tub and she said I freaked out and refused to take a bath with her again!

I washed my baby and she played a while and pulled the plug, but didn’t want to get out, so she kept playing in the empty tub. I was so exhausted that I laid my head on the counter. when I woke up I was shocked to find my baby playing in poop! we started the bath all over again!

My 2-yr-old daughter hates having her hair washed in the bath. But one day, while my two kiddos were playing in the bathtub, she patiently sat there without screaming while her younger brother proceeded to “wash” her hair! It was so sweet!

MY favorite bath time story? It’s the one about me taking one for 2 hrs uninterrupted and dear hubby giving the 2 yr old her bath later!
Favorite bath time story for my little lady was when she was still little enough to give her baths in the kitchen sink! I washed her like she was my fine china! :)

Hubby does bathtime in our house, so I’ll relay one of his stories.
When our son was 2-3 month old, he would sometimes pee during bathtime. Hubby would just aim it so the pee wouldn’t end up in the infant bath tub.

My 18 month old loves bath and recently accepted wearing a bike helmet. The other night he refused to take the helmet off for bathtime, so we now have some cute pictures of him in the tub with his bike helmet on!

My older daughter used to use her finger as a puppet in the tub and say, “Hey, Daddy. What you got?” But really, funnier than that was when she would get so excited that I came into the tub to visit her and her father, she’d poop.

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