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Sometimes I Have Momnesia

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I woke up at 5:30 this morning with a flash of insight. I finally remembered where my cell phone was. It had been missing since 3 pm on Wednesday when I put it in a safe spot– a dining room chair– while I was straightening up. Of course it was such a “safe” spot, that I couldn’t find it. And not only that, I had silenced the ringer because of nap time, so calling myself was useless.
Does this ever happen to you? Do you find yourself forgetting things because you are so preoccupied with work and kids and stuff? The Today Show and USA Today say it happens to a lot of moms and they’re calling it “momnesia.” Today did a whole piece this morning on momnesia and the kids and I were included in the video. Click here if you want to check it out. The story ran again, in a slightly different version, on NBC Nightly News.
If you watch the piece, you’ll learn about some of my other momnesia highlights…like the time I bought groceries at the supermarket, and then drove away, leaving the bags behind. I didn’t realize my blunder until I got home. But hey, at least it wasn’t the kids who were left behind. Small victories.

2 Responses to “Sometimes I Have Momnesia”

it was cool to see you in person! i forget things all the time especially my keys, i lose them about once a week.

hi, you dont know me and i can imagine you are busy BUT i have a friend with a 3 week old baby and every time she breast feeds her she has to give her formula, she will drink 2 oz each time. she is underweight and has not reached her birth weight. my friend has tried to pump and only gets maybe 1/2 oz. literally, i saw tonight. she is doing all the right things with her pump and even has the $$ one the has the let down button. we talked about it tonight and she says she has never felt the tingle let down feeling. her milk is still almost clear like the after colostrum milk. do you think it is possible that even at 3 weeks her milk has not come all the way in? she is considering taking reglan but we are afraid that after she stops she will experience the negative effects of it drying up since reglan isnt long term. i would love some insight from you to share with her. she isnt a big blogger plus her babe is three weeks. so i wanted to ask for her. i know she really wants to bfeed!!

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