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And The Bathtime Story Winners Are…

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Thank you to everyone who left a comment on my post about bathtime. Your stories are priceless. Now, as promised I have 5 winners that I picked randomly. They’ll each get a Weleda Calendula Lotion and Cream Bath.

The winners are Vicky, Jessie R., Sundi, Marcia and Jen G.
Ladies please send me your mailing addresses:
Vicky wrote:
Oh my…where do I begin? I have a 3 year old and one that will be two next month. Bath = Water Damage to the house!! When my two boys take a bath together it looks like a Tsunami hit. One time in particular, my husband decided to give them a bath in our garden tub…the one with the jets to create a hot tub affect. Mr. Genius decided it would be fun to add some bubble bath into the tub and turn the jets on. Well, he must have put 1/2 a bottle in there because several days later the bubbles were STILL trying to go down the drain! Our bathroom…Hmmm, I mean bathtub was 1/4 water and 3/4+ bubbles! Needless to say my boys were giggling about that the rest of the night. They thought it was the best bath they ever had and I remind Mr. Genius from time to time about his bath IQ. ;)
Jessie R. wrote:
My daughter is really picky about where she takes a bath we found out. She screams if we give her one in the bathtub but, is fine if we give her one in the sink. We don’t get it but, it’s cute!
Sundi wrote:
My 2-yr-old daughter hates having her hair washed in the bath. But one day, while my two kiddos were playing in the bathtub, she patiently sat there without screaming while her younger brother proceeded to “wash” her hair! It was so sweet!
Marcia wrote:
My daughter loves bathtime. She’s even resorted to telling me she has to go potty just to get her into the bathroom. I set her on the potty and she hops up and says “DONE! SURE!” and proceeds to try to climb into the tub with her clothes on. I make her try to go potty before she’s allowed to get a bath. I figure this will help prevent messes while she’s IN the tub and hopefully train her for when we go swimming in the summer too.
Jen G. wrote:
MY favorite bath time story? It’s the one about me taking one for 2 hrs uninterrupted and dear hubby giving the 2 yr old her bath later! Favorite bath time story for my little lady was when she was still little enough to give her baths in the kitchen sink! I washed her like she was my fine china! :)

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Hi! I’m so thrilled to have won! I emailed you my address…

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