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Contest: Leave a Comment to Win Adiri Bottles or a Hands Free Pumping Bra

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Welcome back to the big Mother’s Day Giveaway here on Mama Knows Breast. Today we have two items for your feeding needs, Adiri Bottles and a Hands-Free Pumping Bra, by Easy Expression Bustier.
First off, Adiri is giving away two sets of bottles. Adiri bottles are 100% BPA free…and we all know that’s a good thing. Plus, the unique design looks a lot more like a breast than your typical baby bottle. One reminder…if you do want to give your baby a bottle of pumped breast milk or formula, it’s best to wait at least a month before introducing a bottle. This gives you a chance to establish your milk supply and your baby to get accustomed to breastfeeding.
A set of bottles has three bottles. White is slow flow for 0-3 months; blue is medium flow for 3-6 months; and orange is fast flow for 6+ months. To win one of the sets of bottles, leave a comment here answering this question: Why do you need these bottles?
3 stages no cover1.jpg
Now for your pumping needs. Imagine pumping hands free! Email, type, talk on the phone or simply sit back and close your eyes. If you want to win a Hands-Free Pumping Bra from Easy Expression Bustier, answer this question: Why do you need this bra?
The contest deadline is Mother’s Day, May 11. For a link to the other Mother’s Day contests you can enter on my site, click here. I’ve got a Graco playcenter and some new parenting books.

42 Responses to “Contest: Leave a Comment to Win Adiri Bottles or a Hands Free Pumping Bra”

I don’t need the Adiri bottles, but my daughter, Rebecca, needs them for her 12-month-old daughter Anastasia, whose nickname is Ana. That’s because Grandma doesn’t want her precious only grandchild exposed to nasty chemicals that could shorten her sweet life or make her ill. Rebecca breastfeeds Ana when she’s home, but when she’s at work, Ana gets breast milk or sometimes formula in bottles. Rebecca and her husband, Lionel, are on an extremely tight budget, as young families often are, so buying replacement bottles may not be a high financial priority for them.

my darling baby boy is refusing his bottles all of a sudden.
they are the same bottles, nipples, formula he has been using since day 1. he’s 3 mos now.
i’ve read that the adiri bottles are so breast like that maybe this will help us conquer his bottle strike.
it is getting frustrating and i’m getting worried he’s not getting enough milk from me, as i’ve been supplementing since birth.
help! maybe adiri bottles will be the answer to our problem….

I could really use both! I went back to work when my son was 6 months old and while he does take a bottle…it’s only after much cajoling, and many hours of a struggle for my husband. If these bottles will make both of their lives easier, I’d love to try them.
As a nurse I only get 2 maybe 3 times to pump in a 12 hour day. Unfortunately I also have to EAT at this time. I would say that a hands free bra would be AWESOME. I could eat AND pump without having to rush one or the other.

I would love to win these bottles because I am due with my second child in September. I am one of the many unlucky women in the United States who will have to go back to work at only 6 weeks post-partum. I breastfed my son for the first year and have every intention of doing that with my daughter. I know it would help me feel so much better about having to give my daughter a bottle of expressed milk if I knew it was one that was as close to breast shaped as possible.
I can honestly say I don’t need the bra – I rigged my own hands free pumping device with my son and I plan to with my daughter.
Thank you for the chance to win such great and useful products!

Just last week we went BPA-free and threw away all of our Playtex and Nuk bottles. Unfortunately, the only BPA-free bottles we have been able to find thus far are the Gerber Clearview, and my daughter just doesn’t like them very much. We have been through 4 different nipples in one week, trying to find one that allows air to vent in so she doesn’t end up sucking air like she did the first night. We finally found standard-size Nuk nipples, but had to slice the hole to make it big enough for her to get her milk out without having to strain. When I tried to suck it out pre-modification, I could barely get any out. We’re getting pretty frustrated with the whole thing to be honest, but we refuse to go back to bottles containing BPA. These suckers would be a big help!

The bottles would be nice (I already have two Adiri bottles) but I would REALLY like the hands-free pumping bra. I’m going back to work in 11 (short) days. This is my first baby and I am hoping to continue feeding him breastmilk throughout his first year. I’d feel more confident taking breaks to pump if I knew I could still be productive at my desk.

Why do I need the pumping bra? Because I NEED to look super cool like the lady in the picture! No, seriously though, I am going back to work in August and will be pumping, and it would be fantastic to be able to use this bra. Thank you!

I would love the Adiri bottles! My daughter is 2 1/2 months and I have been using the Dr. Browns Glass Bottles whenever she gets a pumped feed. The BPA-free bottles were hard to find few months ago so I went glass. Now that shes getting older I would love some plastic bottles, especially ones made exclusively to look and feel like the breast.
PS The hands free pumping bra is great. I have one and it makes pumpimping so much easier.

For the bottles…well after 9 months of pumping while at work, my 11 month old will NOT take anything other than my breast EASILY. When she is given a bottle my sister who has her for 5 hours a day takes an hour to feed her! We have tried all forms of “vessel” to the mouth with no luck. Hoping these will work. For the Hands free…again, after 9 months of pumping, need I say more??? How wonderful it would be to not have to hold those little suckers in my hands while I pump! What a great thing thise would be for the next one too!

I need to give this as a gift to my best friend who is having her first child – FINALLY!

I would love to have the pumping bra. I already have Adiri bottles and they are great but finding the time to pump has been a big issue for me. It would be great to be able to do something else while pumping…

I would love to win the bottles and bra for my sister who’s expecting. They’d be very useful gifts! Thanks.

I would love the Adiri bottles for my baby who is due in a few months. I have been reading up on BPA free products and I know that these bottles created by moms rank high up there.
Thank you!

I would love to win these bottles for my friend who’s due in July. This is her first and she still needs to get anything so this would be a great help for her.
Thanks for the giveaway.

I would love a new BPA free bottle for my 4 month old.

The bottles would help as my little guy is outgrowing the 4 oz ones we have.
And the bra! I have to pump at work and I would love to be confidently hands-free.

I need these bottles (and the pumping bra!) because next week I’m going back to my work as a graduate student and I’ll leave my 7-week-old son (who has only been breastfed until now) home with his dad (and twin 2-year-old brothers) while I work frantically on my masters thesis. With all the other stress in my life, I’d really love to not have any more worries about chemicals for my baby. And, since my life is all about doing multiple tasks at once, I could *really* use the pumping bra. Wouldn’t it be fun to write my thesis to the hum of the breast pump? =)
Thanks for a great giveaway!

We could really use these bottles, my little one wont take any bottle, this would make me feel better for the times i have to leave.

I need this bra so I can read and maneuver through while I pump.

I would love the bottle for my sister who is having a baby next week…she wants to breastfeed but will have to go back to work.

I’m replacing all my nasty bpa plastic bottles with bpa-free ones so I’d love the bottles. They are really expensive. Thanks!

I need both of these! My baby was a preemie and in the NICU for a while. She wasn’t strong enough for the breast, so I have to pump. It take a lot of time! So the handsfree bra would be great! Of course, once I’m done pumping I have to feed her, so the bottles would be great. She isn’t taking to the breast very quickly now that we can practice (we still have to supplement the milk we feed her) so I think we’re backwards from most…I’m hoping these bottles will help her take to the breast better! (because I do NOT want to have to pump forever! ugh!)

I would love to have the hands free bra because sitting there and holding 2 bottles at once always makes me itch on every part of my body, but I’m unable to scratch! I need my hands free!

My twins don’t always want to latch on at the same time, but are hungry none the less.. we have been trying bottles left and right to find one that they’d like.. would love to win these.. and as far as pumping hands free.. i didn’t know this existed, i’ve actually cut slits in two of my sports bras and have been using that fro hands free.. this looks much more convenient.. lol.. especially with two, i can use the extra manuverability..

I need them because my 5mo refuses the bottles we have tried (medela, avent) and I need to go on a date with my husband, a real date! If these are more like the breast, then maybe, just maybe she would take it for grandma!

I need the Adiri Bottles because I desperately need some BPA free bottles. Great giveaway, thanks!

we are having the hardest time getting our 6 week old to take a bottle and i have heard the adiri bottles are closest to the breast.
it would be great to give them a try.

The hands free bustier does seem convenient, but more than that I would love the bottles for my 9 month old. I want to go BPA-free but it will be expensive to buy all new bottles.

i have a 2 year old and a 4 month old- i only get to rest when i’m nursing or pumping- i’d love the bra so i can read a magazine or browse blogs while pumping!

As a mother of premature twins who flunked out of the breastfeeding club I could really use good bpa free bottles. Thanks for the giveaway.

Hello, I am due with my 4th baby and all of our existing bottles have BPA so I’d love to win the Adiri bottles! I breastfeed all of my kids but its nice to have the occasional bottle handy for when I need to go out.

I want these because they are bpa free.

I need these amazing bottles for my son. Up to now, he has been exclusively breastfed, but in the first week in June I have a week where I have to work every day and will be away from him for 4 hours each morning. I dread it, but I think these bottles would really help him during that time.

I need the bottles because my daughter has hated every bottle I have tried with her so far and I would really like to be able to leave her with my husband occasionally!

I am returning to work in a week and my almost 8 week old daughter will not take the bottle. I know that it’s my fault for not alternating with bottle and breast in the beginning; I was just so excited that she latched on immediately after her delivery and have been only breastfed everysince. I am a single mom, (her dad is now stationed in Japan), and it’s just her and I. I don’t have that type of help to get out of the house while she is being fed by another person to accept the bottle. I would love to win the bottles and the nursing bra to help my daughter and I with an easier transition from us being away from each other!

Hi, I’d really think i was a good canadate for either. I’m 19 and this is my first baby, I am currently unemployeed and I dont have a lot of help with my pregnancy.I’ll be having my baby in July and if all goes good I’ll start working in July as well. My boyfriend helps me sometimes, when he can.. Having either bra or bottle would be great and will help me out alot.

to show off! we have no friends using these bottles here in dubai, that’s my chance to be the first one!!!

I would love the bottles!! They are just what I have been looking for. My son Aiden is almost 4 months old and I cant go to work yet because he will not take the bottle. We have tried about 7 different bottles/ nipples and he makes faces and gags everytime we try. Please help!

Because Adiri bottles are 100% BPA free and the unique design looks a lot more like a breast than any brand of baby bottles. Since he is having open heart surgery (vsd “hole in heart” monday he will be in the hospital for 5-7 days and i cant breast feed so i want to get him use to bottles

I want these because they are bpa free.

So sorry, but the contest ended. This is an older post. But thanks for visiting my site. –Andi

Yeah, I know the contest is over but I just gotta give 2 thumbs up for one of the better domain names I’ve stumbled upon in a while!

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