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Update: To see who won, click here.
Welcome to Part Two of my Mother’s Day Giveaway Contest. Yes, ladies, May 11th is right around the corner. Time to start dreaming about breakfast in bed, and a silent start to your morning…
I’m now giving away away ten copies of my very own book, Mama Knows Breast: A Beginner’s Guide to Breastfeeding. How can you win a copy? Leave a comment answering this question:
What is the funniest, or most outrageous, thing that has happened to you as a breastfeeding mom? (April 27th is the contest deadline. I’ll pick my favorite ten responses).
Mother’s Day Giveaways Update: I’m also giving away a Baby Enstein discover & play center by Graco. Click here to win.
I’ve also put up a post about two books you can win– Margarita Mama and The Rookie Mom’s Handbook. Click here to enter to win.

56 Responses to “Leave a Comment to Enter to Win a Copy of Mama Knows Breast”

I am not a mom yet, but I’d like to win this for a friend. My mom was breast feeding in a store one time (covered up) but my sister’s feet were sticking out of the blanket. A stranger asked to see how cute she was, and my mom answered “you can after she finishes eating”. The person was quite embarrassed!

I wish I had a funny nursing story to tell. My first two attempts were pretty awful, so I don’t remember anything funny, just sad. The lactation consultant said in her 25 years of doing this, “I’ve never seen anything like you.” Great! : )
I’m determined to give it a try again this time with baby #3.
Thanks for your nice comment on my blog giveaway. This has been so much fun!

Thanks for the giveaway, I would love to win! nw_wife(at)hotmail(dot)com I wish I had a story to share, but I have never breast fed!

I feel asleep feeding my baby in the recliner (don’t worry I didn’t drop him) and when I woke up awhile later. I found him asleap and me nursing his ear which was filling up with milk! Thanks for the great giveaway! I would love to give this to mis sis-in-law who was anti breastfeeding the first time but has had a change of heart and would like to breastfeed #2.

My twins were 12 weeks early and I spent many hours pumping in the NICU near their beds to help my sad, very small supply.
One day I was minding my own business and my M-I-L came back behind my screen while I was pumping…I had a blanket over me just in case something like that were to happen. She proceeded to try to remove my blanket because she wanted to see what my breasts looked like when I was pumping. I was mortified! I was trying to hold onto my blanket and hold both horns on my breasts with out spilling the milk I had managed to pump. She is from India and her English is not very good. I had to call out to my husband for him to rescue me! (he had no clue what was going on behind the screen!) Now that I look back on it, I could have indulged her but I was totally caught off guard!
We are expecting #3 in September and we hope not to visit the NICU this time around! This book would be wonderful to have!

What a great giveaway! I hope i’m the lucky winner :) i’m going to be a mom soon so i have no stories at this time though i plan on breastfeeding

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