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Welcome to Part Two of my Mother’s Day Giveaway Contest. Yes, ladies, May 11th is right around the corner. Time to start dreaming about breakfast in bed, and a silent start to your morning…
I’m now giving away away ten copies of my very own book, Mama Knows Breast: A Beginner’s Guide to Breastfeeding. How can you win a copy? Leave a comment answering this question:
What is the funniest, or most outrageous, thing that has happened to you as a breastfeeding mom? (April 27th is the contest deadline. I’ll pick my favorite ten responses).
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56 Responses to “Leave a Comment to Enter to Win a Copy of Mama Knows Breast”

When my daughter was about 2 weeks old we had to pull over in the mall parking lot at about 11 pm to feed her hysterical self. My husband got her out of her car seat and handed her to me. I was still trying to get the knack of breastfeeding, and while trying to get her to latch on, I “lost control” of my boob. Milk sprayed all over the interior of the car, the windshield, my husband’s face, and my baby. We were finding dried-up milk spots in our car for weeks!

I would say the funniest thing would be when my twins were born and I was pumping my then 3 year old son refused to let anyone else turn on the breastpump. He would see me reach for the pump and he’d start jumping and laughing and telling daddy that “we” were going to pump.

Haven’t had the opportunity to breastfeed yet, but would love to with the next baby!

I don’t have a funny story because I had trouble breastfeeding my first due to inverted nipples. I would like to win a copy of your book because I really want to be able to breastfeed my second.

I remember my breast literally squirting my daughter in the face it was always so funny. Also one time my brother in law walked in on me and saw everything as I was about to breastfeed. those were some funny times. Great giveaway, thanks!

I’ve had several…..
One of my favorite’s is when my five year old nephew asked me “Why is the baby eating your stomach?”

I have only been breastfeeding for 3.5 week so nothing yet, but I am waiting!

When my daughter was several weeks old, we moved to our first house “of our own” and had my extended family over to visit the baby. After lunch the baby started to cry and I mentioned it was time to feed her. The men in my family are kind of shy so they all took it as a cue to go outside for a while. But my introverted Uncle Bob (name changed) had zoned out and stayed in the room. As the baby latched on, one of my female relatives asked “Jenny, how is the breastfeeding going?” Uncle Bob turned red, jumped up and ran out.

For me, the most embarassing time breastfeeding was when my mom and I were out shopping with my newborn daughter. My mom went into a store, while I stayed in the car to breastfeed my daughter. I had been struggling to get rid of mastitis and was continuously starting on the infected side leaving the other side very full! By the time I was done nursing on the infected side, I had saturated my nursing bra pad and leaking on the other side, leaving my shirt completely soaked! Luckily I had just bought a new shirt that day that I could change into and continue shopping.

The cable guy was working on the TV in another room and suddenly came into the room where I was nursing my daughter. while he was asking me a question I didn’t even notice that she detached and my breast was hanging out free! Guess he got a little more of an eyeful than he was bargaining on!
(I would love to have this book for my mother who is a doula. She does a lot of breastfeeding education.)

Would it be my 2 year old saying “I need to pump” while lifting his shirt and actually managing to take out my pump, and set it all up and plug it in (without my permission of course) and pump away while I sit there nursing my little baby?!
Cutest would be the way my sons lick their lips after finishing and the huge smile they gave me every time :)

I was a new mom with my first son who was about 4 months old at the time. We went out to dinner at a sit down restaurant in the mall. We were seated right next to the window seat. My son became hungry so I lifted my shirt to feed him before we got our meal. I was talking to my husband not paying much attention when I realized a group of kids looking at us from outside in the mall into the window. I didn’t realize it, but my son had pulled off and was just staring at me leaving me fully exposed!

i have 2 ~ one when i was still nursing and one now after :) the first time my milk shot across the room it about freaked me and my husband out. even though i am not nursing anymore i can still squeeze milk out (my friend told me should could so i tried too) and for some reason one of my ducts makes “brown” ~chocolate~ milk :)

I don’t have any yet, but look forward to many breastfeeding stories once the baby is born. I’d love to have this book as a reference. I’m intrigued about the section on breastfeeding in the office.

I was nursing my daughter and she pulled off my breast and I managed to spray her all over her face and half way into the living room!

I am not a mom but my good friend, who is a lactation consultant, was breast feeding her son in a lecture hall during a class. now, he has the habit of making lots of very “satisfied” noises while he is feeding and because of where she was sitting in the hall, his suckling was loud enough for the professor to hear! he stopped and everyone was looking around to see what was making the noise, but the baby was nicely hidden under a blanket.

My friends son asked why the baby was licking my boobie…

I’m not sure if my son found this funny, but I had a bit too much milk and anytime he would detach unexpectedly he would get a milk shower all over his face. That in itself wasn’t so funny, but the blinky confused look he would get was priceless!

I was breastfeeding my son at a family gathering in the living room. Soon my cousin-in-law’s new husband (who I had never met) came into the living room and sat down on a chair across from me, but at a right angle to me, facing the wall next to us. He started talking, and then paused, “I’m talking to you, I’m just not looking.” It was funny because I was totally covered, yet he was trying so hard to be completely clear that he wasn’t trying to peek.

i’ve been nursing since my first daughter was born in July 2005 so there are a ton. i think one of my favorites is when our second daughter was born i asked my husband if he wanted to hold her and he with a straight face and twinkle in his eye said “no, i don’t want to cause nipple confusion”.

I guess one of the funniest times was when I was nursing my second son. My oldest who was around 2 at the time always wanted to help out like a big brother. His baby brother was hungry and I was having one of those hormonal moments….you know the one that can make you cry in an instant because you are lacking sleep. I started boo-hooing and my oldest sat beside me and lifted his shirt and told me he would feed the baby so I could “rest.” He immediately turned my tears of frustration to tears of joy.

It wasn’t funny then, but when my daughter was little she would eat a TON. I was a new mom and always heard that they’ll stop when they are full. She was probably 3 weeks old and she was laying in the boppy on my lap suckling away when out of nowhere she detached and projectile spit up shot all over my face! It was like Old Faithful… No warning what-so-ever. She did that a lot after that (although it never shot up like it did the first time). The ped. finally told me to try cutting her off after 10 minutes and it didn’t happen anymore.
One funny that I have when I brought my son home two months ago was when I sat down on the bed to nurse him and my daughter (now 2 1/2) came over a popped my other boob out and just latched on. She was so casual about it and she just sat there nursing away. I tried to get her weaned before he came, but she’s just not ready still.

I just totally forgot I had my boob hanging out and the baby had fallen asleep when my friends boyfriend came in the room. It was embarrassing to me that it was he that pointed out the baby was asleep.

The look I got from a semi-truck driver as I pumped while driving home late from work one day!

I was not able to nurse my #1 son because of his heart defect. He was too weak to nurse so I pumped 14 months for him. During his second hospital stay for a heart surgery I kept having nurses come in to check in on him because they thought my pump was my son breathing really funny.

I can’t believe I’m admitting this. But when my daughter was 3 months old we went to Denver to pick my mom up at the airport (that’s a 2 1/2 hour drive). My little one slept the whole way and wasn’t in the mood to nurse when we got there. So we just went inside. My mom’s flight was delayed and while we waited I realized I was soaked. I had soaked through the breast pads, my bra and three other layers…including a thick sweatshirt (it was freezing outside, I was layered up). I had a HUGE wet spot on my chest right there in the middle of the airport. My daughter is now almost 9 months old and my husband still hasn’t let me forget about that day.

The funniest thing that happened to me was when dh was on the computer and I pulled myself away from my baby. The milk sprayed all over the screen!

My first baby is due in June, so I don’t really have any stories just yet, but would love to be entered to win (it is a beginners book after all :) ).

I actually have never had children, but my sis-in-law is having her first baby, and I’d love to give this to her. I do have a funny story though… the first time I moved out of my parents’ house, I lived in sort of a grandmother’s quarters behind the house of a family that goes to my parents’ church. I walked in the house one day and the dad told me that the mom had just squirted him with breast milk from across the room… I was totally weirded out, because I wasn’t used to people being that open (I probably would have had a heart attack had it been my own mother squirting my father), and I also had no idea at that point that breast milk could even do more than dribble. I went back into my little house-behind-the-house with my face flaming and I laughed about that for the next few weeks.

In the one year that I nursed my son I really do think I passed without having an embarrassing moment (thank goodness!). I’m so thankful I didn’t give up when the going got tough at day 4!!! Thanks for offering it!

I was shopping at Costco and my son became very hungry. I discreetly sat down on a bench and began nursing (under a blanket) – when this older woman (in her 70′s) walked up and said, “Oh, is he sleeping?”
I said, “um, no – he’s eating.”
The look of horror on her face as she backed up and tried to get away was priceless. I think she was more embarrassed than I was.

The most embrassing thing was when I went to work to visit some co-workers and one of them pulled me aside and said – You leaking. I looked down and a small spot was on my shirt. I couldn’t figure out how it happen as I just finished feeding. I was turning red. Once I got out to the car, I realized I wasn’t leaking but had a small stain on my shirt.

I have two stories to relate. The first incident happened at church one Sunday morning. Our church had a small “nursing mother’s room” just for the purpose of breastfeeding. It was located within the church nursery wing and I had used it to feed my baby. Unfortunately, I didn’t check to make sure my dress was completely snapped and covered after the feeding. I had on a nice nursing dress with a hidden opening underneath two side slits. I was standing in group of people talking with men and women when the director of the children’s ministry (a female) motioned to me, pointing at my breast area…I looked down at myself and was horrified to see my nipple peeking out from one of the side slits. I quickly covered it and kept right on talking. I kept replaying the scenario in my mind wondering if anyone else saw me before it was brought to my attention. That was pretty embarrassing, especially given that it was at church.
The second incident is one that I can almost laugh about at this point but at the time, it made me mad. I was returning from a scrapbooking retreat in Orlando (4 hours away) with just my baby in tow. I had to exit the highway to take a break and nurse the baby. I pulled into a Wendy’s parking lot, got myself a snack and then proceeded to nurse while in my car. A monster truck with a couple young guys pulled up next to me. Picture a really tall truck. They obviously knew what I was doing as they say me get the baby out of the car seat and hold her in front of me. I was covered up the entire time so they weren’t able to see my breasts but they knew exactly what was going on. They had a loudspeaker system on their truck, so they rudely and crudely started saying things to me like, “I want some milk, yum!” and “oooh, give me some!” I just ignored it, didn’t even turn my head and acted like I couldn’t hear it at all. They were such perverts. I hope they have grown up since then and are ashamed of their behavior. I don’t think I have ever told anyone that story because it bothered me so that people could be that rude. But, I’ve gotten over it now and I realize they were just being juvenile.

When my son was little, my husband used to like to play with him and tickle him while he nursed. This really aggrivated me, because sometimes my son would clamp down on my breast while trying to nurse and giggle at the same time. Well, one day when my son was about six months old, my husband got his come-uppance. He was tickling my son while he was nursing (again!), and my son spit a mouthful of milk right into his face! After the horrified look faded from his face, even my husband had to admit it was pretty funny. As an added bonus, he was more cautious from then on about playing while my son nursed!

I was nursing my daughter at night in my bed, sitting up when she had an explosion up her back, onto me and the bed. She just kept nursing and did not want to stop.

My craziest breastfeeding moment has to be when I was on a 6 hour car ride to visit family. We had stopped multiple times and the baby was just not happy to be in his seat. I kneeled on the seat next to him and hung over top of his seat and fed him while he was still strapped in! Oh the memories! :)

Okay, stop me if you have heard this one. I moved overseas when my first was 7 weeks. That week, we were walking around in a open market in Laos and he was crying alot. I really wanted to nurse him to sooth him so out of desperation I started to kneel in an alley. A lady saw me and invited me to nurse in her CD booth. It was about 2 feet deep and 7 feet wide…just big enough for a stool and tons of CDs hung from ceiling to floor. I tried to discretely get him to latch on but he was crying and fretting. The lady decided to help me and pulled my shirt WAY up and exposed my breast to the semicircle of south east Asians who had gathered. He still wouldn’t latch on and finally the stranger cd lady held him and he went to sleep! I could just see every one thinking, “So THAT is what a white one looks like!”
I love to tell that story, now that 3 1/2 years have passed it is a lot funnier!

I’ve not started breastfeeding yet since I’m just pregnant with #1, but I do remember once when eating at a fast food joint with a couple friends (one guy, one girl) and the guy all of the sudden was like “girls, look at THAT”. There was an amish woman nursing (no blanket) right in Hardees. He about had a heart attack. I thought it was great :)

Wonderful giveaway. One of my embarrassing nursing moments was when I was talking to my wonderful uncle (who has now passed away). He was a quiet, conservative man. We stood talking and all of a sudden, my breast pad popped out of the top of my shirt and landed on the floor between us. We both stood staring a second before it registered and I swooped down and snatched it up. Boy was I RED! :)

Oh, I have my share of “milk spray” stories, but my most recent one was when friends of ours were over for a “game night.” Since we were at home and I was so used to just lifting up my shirt and letting my 5 month old latch on whenever it was time to eat, I was completely mortified when I did just that in front of our friend Dave without even thinking! I couldn’t tell who was more embarrassed, me or him!

I really haven’t had anything outrageous or funny happen to me personally. But something that is funny is watching my 4 year old son pretend to nurse his stuffed animals while I’m nursing the baby.

Our pastor came to visit me in the hospital the evening of the day our son was born. I had one of those funky hospital nursing gowns on, and after he left I noticed I was hanging out. I was SO embarrassed.

When I was nursing my first baby on the couch with my shirt unbuttoned, the doorbell rang and it was the mailman. Well, without thinking, I answered the door – with my tits hanging out!! And I didn’t even realize it until he left. OMG! Great giveaway – I’d love to win! Thanks and please visit mine to win, too!

Hmm, well, I had BAD milk oversupply with my first, and I sprayed milk everywhere, almost drowned my baby! I remember shooting up to two feet away at times with let down! The second time around I was tandem nursing so no problems with oversupply :) .
We are having a baby related give away at our blog too, cloth diaper wipes over at

The funniest – in that heartwarming way! – moment for me was when my nursing 18-month-old brought me his stuffed dinosaur to nurse! After Dino was “aww done,” then my son had to have another turn. ;)
I’d love to read this book – I have a whole “library” of pregnancy & breastfeeding books, and this would be a great addition! Thanks for the chance.

My inlaws are horribly disgusted by breastfeeding I believe their exact words are “it is vulgar and indecent”. So when my daughter was born and my husband told them that I was going to breastfeed, they were mortified and made it very clear that they would have nothing to do with it, even went so far as to buy formula to keep at their house (like I was going to take her over there knowing that!) Anyway, I was going out one day and hubby was keeping the baby and his parents came over. She was getting fussy and I told hubs that a bottle was in the fridge, MIL ran to warm it up, assuming that it was formula and put some on her arm and licked it to check the temp. I about died and the look on my husbands face was priceless. We laughed for weeks and never told her, she would have had a fit!

I don’t know if this is outrageous or funny (if I had lots of those I probably wouldn’t be a BEGINNER) but I was amazed at where my memory went. I started wearing a watch specifically so I could know when he ate, and I looked at my watch ever time, but yet I never had any idea when he had eaten last!

hmmm, i had a relatively issue-free time w/ breastfeeding, although i got my fair share of “how dare you nurse in public” looks

I was just a new mom and nursing my baby in the nursing mother’s room at church. another lady was breast feeding her 2 year old. I didn’t think much about it until she made him say “other side please”! I thought for me it wwould be time to call it quits before my baby could say other side please!! :)

At my husbands Company Christmas Party, I had to find a place in the restroom to hide my pump, when the time came to “relieve myself” I excused myself from the dinner and found a stall to pump in. I must have been taking to long, the people at our table were waiting for my return to eat. So my husband had to explain why they should not wait and that I would be awhile. Kindly one of the girls came to check on me. Somewhat embarassing. I am interested in this book, I am 7 month into breast feeding my first child and still feel lost about how the whole thing works. It’s like magic.

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