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Tell Us Your Breastfeeding Problems– Join Our Carnival

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If you’ve had a baby, odds are you had some sort of confusion, at one point or another, about how to feed her. And if you were breastfeeding, part of it probably went like this. “Oh, man, my boobs are _______.” (Fill in the blank with your own thoughts here).
So, in honor of all the breastfeeding challenges we’ve stared down and conquered, the April Breastfeeding carnival is focused on breastfeeding problems. We want to hear from you about how you overcame a challenge, and where you turned for help. If you used the internet, please share the link with us.
I know this is sort of last minute, but the deadline for submission is supposed to be tomorrow, April 15th (tax day). If the other breastfeeding bloggers and I pick your post, you’ll be asked to link back to each of the other participants in the carnival on April 22nd.

2 Responses to “Tell Us Your Breastfeeding Problems– Join Our Carnival”

Oh man, my boobs aren’t that appealing to my son anymore! Just when I figured out how to use my boobs, my son decided that he was no longer interested in them! I’ve tried not to take this as personally as if, say, my husband decided after 6 years of marriage, that he wasn’t into my boobs anymore. After all, I knew that eventaully I would stop nursing. I just never realized that my son would call the shots. I guess I should be proud that I am raising a strong, independent-minded 11-month old!

“Oh man, my boobs are making me feel like the Dairy Queen.” Yes, I would get engorged from time to time. Sometimes I would have to hand express a little out to help my baby latch on. I quickly learned to pump or breastfeed more ofter so I wouldn’t get engorged. I had help from the local hospital and actually Medela’s website helped me tremendously.

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