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Win a Graco Activity Center for Your Baby– Leave a Comment

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Welcome to third, and final, part of my Mother’s Day Giveaway Contest. No need to go shopping for yourself…or for another mom in your life. Just leave a comment to one of the posts I’ve put up for a chance to win some cool stuff.
So far I’m giving away ten copies of my book, Mama Knows Breast: A Beginner’s Guide to Breastfeeding. Click here to enter to win.
I’m also giving away copies of two other books, Margarita Mama and The Rookie Mom’s Handbook. Click here to enter to win.
Now for the third giveaway, we have an activity center, The Baby Einstein discover & play by Graco. I have to say, I LOVE this toy. When our first son was about six months old, we put him in it and he immediately “went to work.” He sucked on the “star,” flipped the book pages, and pressed repeatedly on the animal sounds. He was so focused, we called it “The Office.” All I have to say is “Graco, thank you for inventing this. Without it, I could have never taken a shower when the kids were little.”
The good folks at Graco, who have donated this center, have asked me to judge the contest. So for a chance to win, leave a comment, answering the following question:

How would this activity center make your life easier?
(The deadline is May 11th).

50 Responses to “Win a Graco Activity Center for Your Baby– Leave a Comment”

I think this would occupy my little guy long enough for me to actually get something done around the house or *gasp* take a shower!!! :)

This would definately make my life easier with number 2 when I’m trying to make dinner!

I think this would make my life easier when my 2nd child arrives (edd 9/10/08) because I already have one child (who will be approx 18 months when the newest arrival graces us with its presence) and once the younger child is able to enjoy this I know it would be HUGELY helpful to keep him/her entertained while also trying to keep a toddler in the middle of the terrible two’s happy. :-) Yes, that was a very long run-on sentence but that’s the only way I could think to phrase it. Thank you!

This is great! I could make great use of it because I think it could entertain BOTH my kids at the same time. The little one can go in it, and the 3-year-old loves Baby Einstein so much I think he’d sit next to her and play too. Helloooo shower!

I could actually put my son down for a whole 5 minutes to get supper in the oven…or longer, but that might be wishful thinking ;) And the older one can play with the toys all around what the baby is playing :)

its realy nice i would love to win this thanks

I have a baby boy on the way so i can use all the help i can get….and he needs plenty of toys

This will make my life easier because I won’t have to worry about which activity center to get when the little one comes. Plus, it’ll give the baby something stimulating to do while I do other things and won’t have to worry about what it’ll be getting into when my back’s turned.

We borrowed one of these from my sister when my girl was a baby. Anytime I needed a few minutes to clean or cook dinner, I’d plop my girl in it and she would play happily for quite some time. Sad thing is, we had to give it back when we moved cross-country last summer. Now that I am due with #2 (arriving any day now!), I have been lamenting the fact that money is just too tight to buy another one. I have been wondering what I am going to do with this child when dinner time rolls around and she just isn’t happy on the floor…

Well, my daughter is crawling around and the time of cooking with her in just one place is over! This would make my life so much easier, she could just play in this while I’m cooking, or cleaning,…Thanks for the great give away!

Oh this would be great my little one is a very early crawler, so there is no putting her down to do anything & she can’t stand to sit in the swing anymore. Ahhh maybe time to wash the kitchen floor w/o a baby in my hands, lol

My daughter saw this in the store the other day and started playing with it so I know she would enjoy it. If I won, this would keep her occupied while I did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen which I never seem to have time to do. Thanks!

My son hates the playpen and really likes a lot of attention! I would hope this would occupy his time and be a learning center in addition to that! Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks,Cindi

With baby number 3 on the way, who will be only 18 months younger than number 2, a new activity center will really come in handy! My old one, a hand-me-down, has been through 4+ kids and is currently on loan at a day care. Something new and clean and relatively germ-free would be wonderful!

I actually would want to give this to my aunt and uncle who adopted a little boy. I’m very proud of them both because they’ve both lost over 100 lbs and are still trying to lose more. Their new baby has changed their lives and I’m really happy for them and this would help them.

Would love to win this, as it would be one more check off my list of ‘to-buys’. But that’s not all, I have the fear factor of life after baby… If I’m able to start with the right products (these reviews are so helpful!), and know there will be a chance for me to have 10 mommy-minutes, I think it could make the whole experience that much more wonderful!

I would LOVE to have this! I’m going to be an aunt for the first time this August, and am already a HUGE fan of baby einstein. I didn’t have a lot growing up as a child, so I want my niece (Chloe) to have much more. I think this would be very helpful to her development, and I could play with it too, while she does of course!

With our first daughter I didn’t shower until she took her morning nap. But with a second on the way, I’m not sure how I’ll coordinate time with both of them asleep. They’ll only be 16 months apart, so the oldest may be able to play on her own by then, but maybe not. This activity center would give me one less thing to worry about, that’s for sure.

Well, this would definitely make life easier as we are almost ready to have our 2nd baby…and once the 2nd one is up and around I could put her in the play center for a while and would only have one kid to run after! :)

How would this make my life easier? I have six kids, the youngest are 13 months apart. Toddler years are gonna be a handful.
This would give me a bit of sanity, some great pictures and even some fun playtime with my girls!
Thank you for the giveaway1

This would make my life easier because it would keep my son entertained while I got chores done around the house. If I had this, maybe my 2 year old would realize he’s got stuff to play with and wouldn’t constantly poke him with toys he is way too little to play with!

I am entering so that I may give this to someone I know and love..she is a single mom with a new baby and going to college. I am very proud of her. This would really help while she studies for her classes…what child wouldn’t keep occupied with all that great stuff.

this would give me time to finally finish my son’s nursery. He came a month early and we weren’t quite ready. Helping my husband keep our small business running with the baby has prooven to be quite a chore. I’m not sure how it will go when I return to my full time job the week after next.

This has so many cute things on it that it should keep a baby occupied for quite a while! In fact, I think it would amuse the older child also and encourage her to play with the baby!

I would actually use the activity center to be able to take a shower without Connor attempting to get in the shower with me!! We had and older one up till recently and gave it to my cousin to use with her son… man was that a mistake as I used to bring it into the bathroom with me and I could shower in peace… *sigh*
I blogged your contest on Prize-A-Tron!

this would make my life easier by giving me a safe place for my baby while I’m working in the kitchen!

Well, maybe I could get a shower!! I haven’t been able to take one without my husband being home since I had my third child!

This is great. I really like the little puppet guy on the side. Thank you for the chance.

WOW my daughter would love this center, we dont have anything to stand her up just a johnny jump up and she gets bored in there after ten min. Boy a shower would be nice, but also just a few min. to do a load of laundry… or sneak a potty break myself :) lol

Why, it would make my life easier by entertaining my baby while I blog of course. ;)

This looks wonderful! We have a plain-jane used “activity center” and don’t have the money to upgrade right now. This would make my life easier in that baby would have some new gadgets to entertain him as soon as he’s old enough for this without us deviating from our debt-reduction plan.

Oh this is WONDERFUL!!! I haven’t seen one of these before. We used an ultrasaucer for our girls when they were babies, but after a series of miscarriages, it was easier to get rid of all of the baby things instead of being reminded of what we didn’t have.
Now that we are blessed with a baby that is doing so well, we are starting to shop! : )
This would make my life easier because our baby will be occupied and growing smarter, while Mommy has the chance to shower and smell better! : )
Thank you for the opportunity for a GREAT prize!

I would just like to take a shower without my baby crying! This would be awesome!

this would be awesome to win! with 2 new granddaughters expected anyday this would be very useful …
thank you

I have one of these but no good with my twin booys, I would love another one!

I would love to win this because it’s so much easier to cook dinner or fold laundry while the baby is occupied learning and exploring (without crawling all over the house). This would be so helpful!

You would think that I would have realized how much easier this would have made life 8 years ago when my twins arrived! But, hey, I have six kiddos and my youngest is 8 months, so maybe I should focus on how much easier it would make life NOW.
Let’s see…
I’m sure Little Noah would be quite content to play in this fabulous activity center while I teach my three oldest, make dinner, fold my mounds of laundry, sweep the buckets of cheerios up off the floor, or maybe (just maybe) put on some makeup!
Thanks Andi (and Graco) for such a great giveaway!!!

Well, with five little ones five and under – including a particularly wigggly eight month old, this would be lovely! Thanks for the giveaway!

First thank you so much for such a great giveaway!!
I have one son and another on the way. Right now I am five months pregnant and extremely worn out trying to find things to occupy my little one so that when I do have enough energy to get things around the house done he will be content. I know that in a few months I will then have two little guys to find things for them to do. I love all the Graco products and this activity center would be a life saver!! Thank you

maybe this would occupy his time so I could get some needed housework done!

How would this activity center make my life easier?
I would love to give this wonderful gift to a friend for her new baby due in May. If by some chance she already has one I would love to donate it to a local church nursery or daycare center. Thanks for the chance to win!

Oh boy, though my youngest is 18 months old now we hope to have more babies soon. Plus, she could still fit in there I’m sure. The older two would be entertained. Kids always love new toys no matter the age right!
It would keep my baby out of trouble (i.e. dog food and toilet) long enough for me to do some dishes or run downstairs to change the laundry or even while schooling the older. I wish I had one of these from the beginning!

This is a great contest! I love Baby Einstein and Graco…What a win win!!!!! Thank you for the contest.

I think this could keep my little guy occupied long enough for mommy to get some chores done or maybe even a SHOWER!!!!
dansan826 at

I could put this in the kitchen and actually start making meals again.

Well, I am a stay at home Mom and I have found that I rarely get anything done. My little cutie is so super demanding that I am lucky if I get to use the restroom. So, I would love to win the Graco Activity Center, because it would mean I can have a little well needed time to myself.

I need something to keep baby occupied while she is awake other than just cuddling with me (not that I mind that…), so I can get some other things done around the house!

Here I am with the premature twins again. Anything that can boost their cognitive growth and give me a free hand is a god-send for me.

These are so great for keeping baby busy for a little bit!

This would really be something to win and occupy the baby while saving one’s sanity! :) This sounds like a LIFESAVER to me! I’ve heard nothing but GREAT things about Baby Einstein and I would LOVE to give them a try!

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