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Cate Blanchett and Breastfeeding

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Actress Cate Blanchett, who is starring in the new Indiana Jones movie with Harrison Ford, just had her third child, Iggy. And according to the The Daily Telegraph, Iggy’s breastfeeding delayed Blanchett’s appearance before the press. Here’s a bit from the Telegraph story:

WITH a gurgle, a look, then a cry, Oscar winner Cate Blanchett’s four-week-old son Iggy almost thwarted the world premiere of the fourth instalment of the Indiana Jones movies by demanding mum feed him.
Blanchett, who turned 39 this week, was about to face the international cameras at the Cannes Film Festival in France to promote the big budget Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull when baby Ignatius wanted to be breast fed.
Hollywood heavyweights Harrison Ford and Karen Allen stepped in with an extra long interview session before a smiling, radiant Blanchett strode in.
“He’s just down the corridor with my mum,” she declared by way of explanation.

So all I have to say is…Go Iggy, Go Iggy.

2 Responses to “Cate Blanchett and Breastfeeding”

It’s so nice to hear of a celebrity mom making breastfeeding her child a priority. I thought it was PRECIOUS when Will Ferrell carried his wife’s breastpump to the Golden Globes!

That’s fantastic! You don’t hear much about breastfeeding in the celebrity circle. Maybe the more famous people do it, the more “cool” it will seem to young girls!

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