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Winners of the Book “Margarita Mama”

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And now for the winners of the new book “Margarita Mama: Mocktails for Moms To Be.” Thanks to everyone who submitted a comment to the contest, telling us their pregnancy cravings.
Alyssa, the author, picked the following winners. Ladies, please email me if you won:
Biggest craving: I took the train the entire time i was pregnant,it was during all of the sweaty months. people would have this oniony body odor that would make me want chicken soup and lobster bisque. Gross in retrospect yes but I would stop at nothing to get these two soups!
My biggest craving were those red, white and blue popsicles which isn’t weird in and of itself but this was January! I sent Hubby to the local gas station every night to get them!
Biggest craving: Fish & Chips from Arctic Circle. I had to have them almost every day. Even when labor started, I made my hubby stop at Arctic Circle on the way to the hospital and I ate my fish in the car.
I would love these books for my daughter-in-law who is pregnant with her first baby.
My husband and I were living in Scotland during the first 13 weeks of my pregnancy. Scottish food is very…heavy. I was so nauseous…all day…every day. The only thing I wanted was cheese. Grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese…cheese!
Biggest craving: I craved Margaritas!! My husband was so sweet and helped me out by making me some delicious “virgin” ones. They tasted pretty good!!
my craving was for honey…but i was lucky .a very elderly neighbor had his own bee hives,when he found out i was craving it ,he brought me a fresh quart every week!! i still remeber that fondly 28 years later…and by the way,what is my 28 year old’s fav thing to eat??HONEY,,,LOL
And my craziest craving was for tons and tons of strawberries. It was an expensive craving, because this was not during strawberry season and I could eat half a pound of them in one sitting.
Strangest Craving: FISH!!! I have ALWAYS hated all fish and seafood. The smell alone makes me nauseous, but for some reason when I was preggo with my first, I craved it SO BAD! I still couldn’t get past the mental part of actually allowing myself to eat it, but I would go to fast food places, order a fish sandwich and just smell it! WIERDO! ;-)
I craved lemon juice with a little bit of water and without sugar.
My biggest craving and how I satisfied it…I had craved fruit, but I think the biggest fit I had with one was I wanted Iced Coffee Frappacino-like drink. Problem was I didn’t consume caffine and I had gestational diabetes. I went to a specialty coffee shop and had them make a custom-made drink. It was sugar free, caffine free, and the best tasting coffee drink I ever had. They even put a very small dollop of whip cream with cinnamon spice. YUM!

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