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Winners of the Hands Free Bra, Adiri Bottles, and Graco Activity Center

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Thanks to everyone who participated in the contests for the bra, bottles and Graco Activity Center. Will the following winners please send me their addresses?
The Graco Activity Center goes to Kristin:
We borrowed one of these from my sister when my girl was a baby. Anytime I needed a few minutes to clean or cook dinner, I’d plop my girl in it and she would play happily for quite some time. Sad thing is, we had to give it back when we moved cross-country last summer. Now that I am due with #2 (arriving any day now!), I have been lamenting the fact that money is just too tight to buy another one. I have been wondering what I am going to do with this child when dinner time rolls around and she just isn’t happy on the floor…
The Hands Free Bra goes to Caryn.
As a nurse I only get 2 maybe 3 times to pump in a 12 hour day. Unfortunately I also have to EAT at this time. I would say that a hands free bra would be AWESOME. I could eat AND pump without having to rush one or the other.
There are two Adiri bottle winners:

I would love to win these bottles because I am due with my second child in September. I am one of the many unlucky women in the United States who will have to go back to work at only 6 weeks post-partum. I breastfed my son for the first year and have every intention of doing that with my daughter. I know it would help me feel so much better about having to give my daughter a bottle of expressed milk if I knew it was one that was as close to breast shaped as possible.
I need these amazing bottles for my son. Up to now, he has been exclusively breastfed, but in the first week in June I have a week where I have to work every day and will be away from him for 4 hours each morning. I dread it, but I think these bottles would really help him during that time.

3 Responses to “Winners of the Hands Free Bra, Adiri Bottles, and Graco Activity Center”

Yahoo!!! I’m so excited to win!
Come visit my giveaways too!
PS I LOVE your mama knows breast logo! So cute!

OMG!! I can’t believe I won!! There are no words for how extremely excited I am about this. YAY!! Please let me know what I need to do to tell you where I am. Thank you so much!!

Awesome!!! Yeah!!!! : )
I just emailed you!

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