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The Winner of the Medela Freestyle Pump

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AND A FURTHER UPDATE: To see a comment from Hope, the pump winner, read below. She lives in Malaysia! There are pumping moms around the world!
Hi Andi! Thank you for giving me the chance to participate and win the Medela Freestyle. I was and still am really excited upon hearing the good news. It’s great to know people at Mamaknowsbreast and Medela care about women and their needs as they venture into motherhood. As a reader from Malaysia, I believe your quest in spreading knowledge on the importance of breastfeeding is truly inspiring! I’m sure you’ve touched the hearts of women all around the world. Keep up the great work! Thank you and God bless! :)
UPDATED: Thank you to everyone who left a comment for a chance to win a Medela Freestyle Pump. I loved reading what you had to say! There really is no shortage to pumping stories! And now…drum roll… the winner is Hope. Congratulations! Here’s her comment:

I’m due this coming October and I’ve been reading up on how to provide the best for my baby. My mom exclusively breastfed my brothers and sisters and I, and I’d love to do the same for my baby. The only difference is that my mom didn’t have to go to work, whereas I do. So, I’ve been reading up on breast pumps and I’ve found that Medela is the best in the market! But it’s quite pricey and I don’t know if I can afford it. That’s why I was ecstatic when I found this contest. It’s like a blessing in disguise. A lot of great information and the chance to win a Medela Freestyle Breastpump. It’s the most practical solution because it’s lightweight and compact, yet has everything I would need to include breast pumping in my daily schedule. I’ve also been reading on bpa-free bottles and to know Medela has taken this into account just gives me more confidence in the name itself. I really hope to win so that I can always provide the best for my baby. PS: During our last checkup, we found out our baby’s a boy! :)
Posted by: Hope | June 29, 2008 08:55 PM

Ok, all you pumping mamas…here it is. The latest and greatest pump from our friends at Medela. The Freestyle is Medela’s first hands-free, double-electric pump. Just attach it to your bra and get back to your emailing and phone calls. It’s really small, light-weight and best of all, the Medela bottles are BPA free.

Medela is giving away this pump. So if you’d like a chance to win, leave a comment answering this question: What is your best pumping story? And if you haven’t had a baby yet, why do you need this pump? (The deadline to enter is July 1, 2008).

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119 Responses to “The Winner of the Medela Freestyle Pump”

I think my best pumping story is just the shear duration. I am so proud to say I pumped for over a year to provide my son with only breast milk for his first year of life. I’m actually finished pumping now, but would love to have an newer pump for my next baby so I can be sure I am able to do the same. My old pump was bought used, to technically this is baby #3 for it!

My best pumping story? Well, the most memorable pumping time was when I was pumping away and I looked down & instead of milk, blood was coming out – so scary! So I freaked out and called the doctor and got everything all figured out, but it was quite the ordeal! So maybe not the best of stories, but it’s the one I remember! :)

My baby is due in October and I need this pump because a lot of my job involves being on the phone or working on the computer. I would love to be able to have my hands free while pumping.

Hm, I don’t know if I really have a great story. I mostly want this pump because all I had with my first was a manual and it was miserable and slow. I’m hoping for a good one next time around so I can pump longer!

My baby is due in October and I need this pump because a lot of my job involves being on the phone or working on the computer. I would love to be able to have my hands free while pumping.

I’m expecting my first in September and would love this pump! I really don’t want to have to get a manual one – thanks for the contest!

I wish I had a good pumping story. I would only pump once a day so I could have some once my son started soilds. I did it at night, on our porch, and no one was ever around. My husband was always kind enough to wait for me to come out and never walked in on me!

My twins were born premature. In order for me to breastfeed, I had to pump while they were in the NICU. Initially, our insurance paid for a pump, but that was only for one month. After that time, we still needed one as my girls wouldn’t latch on. Some of my friends on a message board pitched in and bought me an electric pump. It saved our nursing relationship. Shortly after that, we were able to get the girls exclusively to the breast. I’ve always been so grateful to those friends who helped me out when I needed it most.
Although, a few years ago, I loaned that pump to someone else with a baby in the NICU and they later took off with it and I haven’t seen it or them since.

I had borrowed my sister’s pump in style (which I am so jealous of) to take with us on vacation- It was a fairly long ride so I bought the car adapter. On the ride I was pumping and had thrown a blanket over me for privacy- I guess I had gotten pretty involved in the conversation because I failed to notice the blanket had slipped off- no big deal I thought… until I looked out the window next to me and looked up at the trucker next to us- he obviously had never seen anyone pump before and was looking at me like I was from outerspace- In my rush to cover up I ended up spilling milk all over my lap- When we stopped to clean up I got lots more stares from people who I could just see thinking— “Poor lady— Couldn’t make it to the rest stop…”

when I first started pumping, I was so frustrated. It seemed like I would pump and pump, to no avail. I didn’t realize the tiny diaphragm was slightly bent up, so the suction wasn’t efficient. I had worked myself up to tears for nothing…

I borrowed one with my first three but had to give it back so I could really use one for my third and this would be wonderful. thanks.

I’ve learned to use a lot more of my body since having 6 month old twins. This includes using my feet to check my email on my laptop while pumping. If I had this hands-free pump I could get a lot more done without having to use my toes!

I’ve learned to use a lot more of my body since having 6 month old twins. This includes using my feet to check my email on my laptop while pumping. If I had this hands-free pump I could get a lot more done without having to use my toes!

Well i am due later this year – my husband is going to be the stay at home parent so I will surely need this. I started this company in November and one of the first things I noticed were the clear glass doors (and a few windows) on all the offices. Though I wasn’t yet pregnant I wondered, “where will I pump?” The only room in the whole place that has a regular door (outside the overcrowded small bathroom) is the room with the computer servers are stored.
So the other day I asked a coworker who had a kid a year ago – did she pump and where? Luckily one of the IT people is female and a parent – she gave her a key to the server room! Too funny!
At my last job a coworker was pumping and we had bi-weekly business trips to another state. The client was getting annoyed with her frequent and long trips to the restroom and I overheard him complaining about it to one of our coworkers. “What is she doing in there, reapplying her makeup?” The coworker shrugged through he knew what was up. I let my female coworker know and at a fancy restaurant for lunch she excused herself to head to the restroom and said, “no, I am NOT off to reapply my lipstick, I am off to pump food for my poor daughter who is left at home while you hem and haw over the color of your web page. thank you.” After that she was SUCH my hero! And the client blushed and luckily didn’t get mad – in fact he sped up his decision process and we only had to return for one more business trip!

I am due in August and I have heard that Medela pumps are awesome. I would love to win one and put it to good use!

When I was born – weighing in at a whopping 8 pounds – I was a bit yellow. Instead of daily improvement, as is the norm, the jaundice got progressively worse. My mom had to quit nursing me — for mother’s milk was suspected of contributing or causing baby’s yellowness. Mom was convinced that her milk was not the culprit but when I was transferred to the ICU when the bilirubin number escalated alarmingly, she was impelled to rent an electric pump from La Leche League to make certain her maternal supply didn’t run dry in the interim.
Sadly she looked on as I was bottlefed formula in the Intensive Care Unit, where I spent the next couple of weeks. To this day, she quotes the ICU nurse (who wasn’t used to handling a full-term hefty infant): “We call her Butterball — she actually drains a full four ounces of Similac in one sitting!!”
P.S. I wasn’t fussy. Following the short-term ordeal (and a procedure that restored equilibrium to my delicate system), I was happy to take up nursing – exclusively – again in my mom’s loving arms, for many
more “fulfilling” months.
Now, over thirty years later, I happily and excitedly look forward to motherhood (am due before summer’s end).
But alas, times have changed and while I’d like nothing better than to stay home and be a full-time mom, we cannot afford such luxury. Following my maternity leave, I will (sigh) return to the work force — but am determined not to deprive my baby of the nutrition custom-made for her/him and plan to make good use of my coffee breaks. No chit-chat at the water cooler; I will be busy pumping and preserving, to ensure that baby gets what s/he deserves, for only the finest will do! (I had a good teacher!)

I’d like this pump so I can give it to my sister-in-law who is expecting in January. She is a nurse and will need to return to work but wants to breastfeed.

I plan on breastfeeding our baby girl and have heard great things about this pump! I’m afraid to purchase anything until I read a zillion reviews and make sure my money is going to a worthy product.. winning would save me some bucks to work my the next item on my list.. car seats!

My daughter had a really hard time with nursing and so I had to exclusively pump for the first month and a half. I was so sleep deprived from waking up to pump, feeding, and washing bottles that I didn’t even notice I put all the perishable groceries away in the pantry until they started to stink a day later. She learned to breastfeed eventually and I got more sleep!

I have not yet given birth, but my partner gave birth to our son six months ago. Her m.o. for pumping is to balance the horns while she types on her computer (she’s a writer), so the Freestyle would be great for her!!

Hi! I am expecting my first child and being that I am a schoolteacher, I am hoping to be able to sneak to an extra bathroom in an unused classroom to be able to pump on my lunch break. I really hope it works out!

I need this pump because we are trying to start a family and there is no way I would buy a top of the line pump for myself.

When I returned to work after my 12 weeks of maternity leave, I only had 8 bags of milk in the freezer. I was ultra-paranoid about not being able to keep up with my daughter. I kept a spreadsheet at work to track the ounces pumped versus the ounces fed. I slowly, but surely built up a huge freezer stash. By the time that I stopped pumping at work (around 17 months), I had plenty of milk in the freezer to keep her going for several more months at daycare, and I continued to nurse at home. In fact, we had to end up throwing a lot of milk away because it was going bad. We moved 3 times during that time and my freezer stash made the move each time. Anyway, we are going to start trying for baby number two and I would love to have a hands free pump this time around. I’ve spent more hours than I’d like to count in the mother’s room holding the horns to my breasts. I will have my own office this time around and look forward to the chance to talk on the phone or work on the computer while pumping. I also think my old Ameda Purely Yours has seen better days.

my best pumping story didn’t happen to me. i was in a restroom stall in an airport and the woman next to me was pumping. I heard the methodical telltale noise and saw the cooler by her feet. This was before 911 and the ban on liquids.

Just this morning I was pumping in the mothers’ lounge in the building where I work (after kicking out 2 maintenance men who like the comfy rockers and dimmable lighting in there) and I flipped on the TV to find an old episode of “I Love Lucy” where Lucy and Ricky are traveling in Italy and are forced to spend the night in a barn. In the morning, Lucy has to figure out how to milk a cow! I thought it was quite funny and ironic that that episode happened to be on while I was pumping!
I could really use a new pump, since mine went through 8 months of exclusive pumping for my son in 2004-2005 and I’ve now been using it for nearly 5 months of pumping at work for my daughter. It’s seen better days!!

Lets see, my brother in law walked in on me breast feeding shortly after my daughter was born. and saw me exposed. The milk used to squirt my daughter in the eye as she was trying to latch on. Many good breast feeding stories, those are just a few! ;) Great giveaway, thanks.

I would love to win this. I’ll be going back to work in August, so I’ll have to pump for my little boy.

I pumped all throughout my student teaching. One day I was in a small dark room, pumping away and a child came in and with wide eyes asked, “is that bag a bomb or a chicken incubator?” I couldn’t stop laughing!

I pumped all throughout my student teaching. One day I was in a small dark room, pumping away and a child came in and with wide eyes asked, “is that bag a bomb or a chicken incubator?” I couldn’t stop laughing!

Luckily I was staying at home with my son when he was breastfeeding, but every once in a while it was nice to be able to have a babysitter and get a little time away without formula. (He would only spit it out anyway.) So I used a hand pump, and not very well I might add. Getting a good seal wasn’t easy and when I did my nipples would get huge!
For my next child (due this fall) I would like top be able to pump in relative comfort and from what I have heard about the Medela breast pumps, this is what I need. Plus if it really can be hands free I am all for it.

Well, I can answer both questions! I would love to win for my third baby due in October and as to a breastfeeding story well, after nursing both my kids for over a year there are WAY too much stories, but honestly through any discomfort and time spent it was one of the most worthwhile things I’ve ever done! Thanks I would love to win!!

no baby yet :( but I definitely will need a pump as I want to breastfeed for as long as possible, and I will have a very short maternity leave.

I came into the kitchen where my pump parts were drying on the counter to find my 2 year old holding a breast cup up to his chest and announcing that he was “pumpin some milk”

When my son was 6 weeks old, we had our first night out, to a restaurant with no place to pump except the bathroom.
Two women walked in on me. The first was really nice and sympathetic but the second was older and clearly put out by my “public” display. She came around, though, and told me “good luck!” as she was leaving.

I need this pump to ease my over-worried mind for my first breastfeeding experience!

I have lots of good pumping stories, but here’s one frantic one:
I recently went out of town for 3 days without my husband and kids. I packed my pump in my carryon for the trip there because I was terrified that my baggage would get lost in route and I would be an engorged wreck the entire trip without it.
I pumped and dumped while on the trip, stealing away to my hotel room between meetings.
For the trip back, I packed the pump in my suitcase. I planned on carrying the suitcase on as I did on the trip there.
Much to my horror my flight was canceled. I was able to rush and get an earlier flight. But the flight was full and someone met me at the door to take my baggage. There was no room to stow it overhead.
I handed it over, not thinking.
Then 20 minutes later at 3,000 or so feet I realized that my pump was in the bag and they checked it through to my destination. I was going to have a few hour layover before my connecting flight and I wouldn’t be home until after the baby’s bedtime.
My boobs started to ache knowing that they would not be relieved.
When the plane landed I anxiously waited for people to deplane. There was a family two rows ahead of me with a baby. I was so desperate that I almost suggested they let me borrow their baby for a few minutes. (No, I wouldn’t have actually nursed someone else’s baby!)
I made my way to the front and out to the counter. I frantically explained to the woman that I really needed my bag. I really needed to pump. Is there *any* way that she could have someone get my bag.
I’m not sure if she sensed pain in my eyes or if she was a former nursing mother, but she said she would try.
She asked what my bag looked like. Um, black like everyone else’s. Drat. Oh, wait, I tied a pink bandana to the handle.
She ran down to look. A long line started forming at the counter behind me, people tapping their toes. I kept reassuring them that she would return.
And she did. Carrying my suitcase with my beloved pump inside. She directed me to a family restroom where I was able to plug in my pump and get relief.
Morals of the story: Never let your pump leave your sight if you are traveling without your baby and always tie something colorful to your luggage.

Best pumping story? When I went out for a night on the town (black tie affair) with my husband, making him carry our ancient pump around, only to discover as my breasts pleaded that I had left my breast pump bottles at home. Ugh.

I would love to win this. I’m on my second bf baby who is 4 months old. My 22 month old is always trying to “help me” pump. He likes to hold the bottle and giggles and squeels if I let him help me. He always asks “what’s that, what’s that, milk?”. He’s such a big help! I could use another pump but I’d really love to win this for my sister who is pregnant and also wants to nurse but will be working. Thanks!

I was pumping at work (I’m a teacher) and they changed recess from outside to indoors! Imagine 30 screaming 9 year-olds running into the room! :-)

I dont have a breastfeeding story, as this will be my first child. I would love this nice pump however, to aviod all the scarry, painful stories Ive heard about mothers with other breast pumps. Im worried enough, it would be nice to have one less thing to worry about.

Mine isn’t so much a story, as an experience… :)
I’m fortunate to have my own office, so I’m able to pump at work. But, there was no lock on the door. Plus, there’s a huge window right next to the door.
Well, I work in an elementary school, so posting a sign wasn’t going to cut it – so for weeks (months?), I pumped with my back against the door, all the way over in the corner. No one could come in, no one could see me through the window. Occasionally somone would TRY to come in, but my body blocked their entrance – they would call out, but I never answered….too akward!

A good pumping story, huh? Here’s the best: I was trying to amp up my supply when DS was about 2 weeks old. I was nursing him on one side and pumping on the other because he couldn’t wait anymore. I had just stopped nursing him 20 min before (growth spurt). That was not easy. I had my husband helping hold him on one breast while my aunt helped hold the pump shield on the other.
I am due in 12 days and I would LOVE to have this pump! I love Medela and I rented a Symphony last time.

I am still pregnant, but I need this pump because I don’t have one and I don’t know how I’m going to be able to afford one of the quality I will need for going back to work full-time!

My first business trip I had to find a place in the airport to pump that had an outlet and that happened to be a family restroom. I had just ‘hooked up’ and started pumping when there was pounding at the door. I said I would be a few minutes but the pounding continued with a man shouting that he had to clean the bathroom. I explained again I’d be out in a few minutes but the pounding continued. I finally shouted “I’M PUMPING BREASTMILK!” and never heard a peep again!

My three year old at first thought my pumps were horns and tried to blow on them.

I don’t have a pumping story, but I would love to gift this to my sister’s who’s expecting! Thanks!

I don’t have a baby yet….recently lost a pregnancy, but I know that God WILL bless us with a baby someday, and I would love to breastfeed. When that times comes, it would be great to have an easy-to-use pump like this. I especially love that the bottles are BPA-free! Thanks for this great giveaway!

I am expecting our first child this October. After our son is born, I will need to return to part-time work. Rather than transitioning him to formula, I want to make sure I’m still able to give him the best nutrition I can and a good quality pump will enable me to do this.

Hi! I am a full time working, pumping mommy! I was given my current pump and of course 1/2 of it died this week – go figure! Anyway, I had a great pumping interaction with my son this week. I had forgotten to bring any horns/bottles to work and needless to say, I was very full when I got home. I knew I needed to pump, but also knew little B-man needed to nurse. So I did what any unmodest mommy would do. Sat on the floor, got topless, and started pumping on one side. My little guy was very intrigued with the pump – so he crawled over and poked at it and then he noticed a free breast and started snacking and then noticed the dog and started laughing then back to snacking then time for more investigating and then more snacking…and so on till I finished (are boys always intrigued by nipples?! LOL)

I am due in January, and am having a really rough pregnancy with being on bedrest since 6 weeks thus far. I would like something to be a little more convenient and reliable at this time as it took me 18 months to conceive. When I was in college I did a research study on the importance of breastfeeding children and found it to be critical. I plan to breastfeed, but with our finances will have to return to work only after 3 weeks of maternity leave and will need this pump to be able to continue to feed my baby the important milk that aids in their growth and development. As a physical therapist I cannot afford at this time to buy a pump as I cannot work now due to the bedrest and will lose my job; therefore, could really use some help on buying a breast pump. As a physical therapist, I know the importance of breast feeding and want to give my baby this experience!

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