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Are You Breastfeeding or Pumping While At Blogher?

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If so…send me your stories. I’d love to hear what everyone writes about on this topic this weekend.
If you don’t know what Blogher is, click here.
Unfortunately, I’m not there. But I get to eat cake all weekend!! Going to my cousin’s son’s first year old birthday, and my grandmother’s 88th birthday. Go Nana!

2 Responses to “Are You Breastfeeding or Pumping While At Blogher?”

I just returned from BlogHer and did breastfeed while there. It was definitely a friendly environment to breastfeed in! I saw more than one pair of BlogHer Boobage this past weekend. hee hee
Not only was it a friendly environment, but they did provide a lactation lounge that was quite convenient as well.

I am a few months pregnant and am on the fence about which I am going to do.

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