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Breastfeeding Bill Passes Massachusetts House

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Hooray for my home state of Massachusetts. Today the state is one step closer to protecting a mom’s right to breastfeed in public. From

The bill makes it clear that women who are breastfeeding can’t be charged with crimes such as indecent exposure or lewd and lascivious conduct, said Representative David Linsky, the Natick Democrat who championed the bill. It also makes it clear that places of public accommodation, such as restaurants, hotels, or stores — cannot prevent women from breastfeeding their children or tell them to leave the premises.
Supporters say Massachusetts is one of only three states that don’t have such a law.
The bill will now go to the Senate, where a slightly different version has already passed, said Linsky.
Linsky said he hoped the House and Senate could resolve the differences between the two versions by the end of the session and send legislation to the governor’s desk.

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One Response to “Breastfeeding Bill Passes Massachusetts House”

What a world we live in that something women have done to naturally feed their children could ever be seen as ‘lewd and lascivious’. The most natural thing, the best gift we give our babies is outlawed in some states. In Ontario Canada, girls are allowed to walk around topless, but that there are places where they can’t feed a baby in public is mindblowing.

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