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Good Morning America Story on Cross Nursing

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I’ve been trying, without success, for the past half hour, to embed the link to a Good Morning America story from this morning. I give up.
So instead, I’m pointing you to this link to the story on cross-nursing. Watch it, and tell me what you think about the piece.
And while you’re at it… watch this clip from The View about the emotional ties between a mom and her breastfed baby. Elisabeth Hasselbeck talks about how she just weaned her baby and she misses breastfeeding.
Now… ABC… could you please make it easier for me to embed your video?!

5 Responses to “Good Morning America Story on Cross Nursing”

I thought the ABC News piece was rather balanced, if not even complimentary. At least Diane Sawyer wasn’t freaking out like Katie Couric did a few years ago when they discussed extended breastfeeding.
As far as the piece on The View, all I wondered was why she was weaning her 7 month old if it was so upsetting to her, i.e. why she didn’t want to continue until at least 12 months?

Cross nursing sounds like a personal choice that I would never want to judge another woman for. I own a pump so it wouldn’t be necessary but for women who need and want to it’s a viable choice.

This was good to learn.

I too wondered why anyone would wean a 7-month-old, but then I remembered that Elisabeth is the new spokeswoman for a formula company. Sigh.

I felt the video was very neutral and I’m glad they showed both sides of it. My mother did it when I was little, My sister nursed my oldest, & I’ve nursed one of my nieces. The weirdest thing about it is looking down & not seeing your baby’s face. =]

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