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Moms Who Blog About Breastfeeding

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Congratulations to Angela at Breastfeeding123, who just gave birth yesterday. Check her site often… I’m sure she’ll have some interesting posts about her experiences with her baby.
And while you’re at it…take a look at RookieMoms blog, where Whitney is writing about pumping all weekend while she’s away at Blogher, the premier blogging conference for women.
Are there other moms out there blogging about breastfeeding that I don’t know about? If so, tell me.

3 Responses to “Moms Who Blog About Breastfeeding”

My blog is, and I’m a tandem feeding mommy. Most of my posts are about breastfeeding. In the past year, I have taken quite a sabbatical as I have gotten used to having two young kids one of whom is a high needs baby (a la Dr. Sears). I’m getting back into it now though. :)

I am just seeing this post becuse I just signed up for your RSS feed. I, too, am blogging about breastfeeding. I’m African-American so I hope to be an inspiration and source of information for moms of color.

For all you moms with iPhones or iPod Touch there is a great new App called Baby Tracker: Nursing. It allows you to keep track of your nursing sessions with just a few clicks, allowing you to relax and focus on feeding your baby without worrying about lists and sheets of paper, stop-watches and safety pins in your bra, or extraneous ribbons and bracelets!
With just a few clicks your nursing session is recorded: length of time and the side you nursed on (or both), always noting which side you nursed on last! A detailed nursing history is always right in front of you and permanently stored in daily logs for future reference. And since it’s on your iPhone or iPod touch you always have it with you! Another thing you don’t have to remember…isn’t being a mom the best!
Baby Tracker: Nursing is a real time tool and available on the iPhone App Store.

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