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Pumping Moms All Over the World

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One cool thing about running a blog is that you can get glimpses into the locations of your readers. I have a SiteMeter on the site that helps me figure this out.
But boy was I surprised when I found out that the winner of the Medela Freestyle Breast Pump is in Malaysia! I got a wonderful note from Hope, thanking me for the pump. And Medela is kindly handling the shipping, as well as getting Hope the adapter she’ll need to make the pump work in a foreign country.
For those of you who missed it, here’s Hope’s comment, that won her the pump.
I’m due this coming October and I’ve been reading up on how to provide the best for my baby. My mom exclusively breastfed my brothers and sisters and I, and I’d love to do the same for my baby. The only difference is that my mom didn’t have to go to work, whereas I do. So, I’ve been reading up on breast pumps and I’ve found that Medela is the best in the market! But it’s quite pricey and I don’t know if I can afford it. That’s why I was ecstatic when I found this contest. It’s like a blessing in disguise. A lot of great information and the chance to win a Medela Freestyle Breastpump. It’s the most practical solution because it’s lightweight and compact, yet has everything I would need to include breast pumping in my daily schedule. I’ve also been reading on bpa-free bottles and to know Medela has taken this into account just gives me more confidence in the name itself. I really hope to win so that I can always provide the best for my baby. PS: During our last checkup, we found out our baby’s a boy! :)
Posted by: Hope | June 29, 2008 08:55 PM

And here’s her “thank you” comment.
Hi Andi! Thank you for giving me the chance to participate and win the Medela Freestyle. I was and still am really excited upon hearing the good news. It’s great to know people at Mamaknowsbreast and Medela care about women and their needs as they venture into motherhood. As a reader from Malaysia, I believe your quest in spreading knowledge on the importance of breastfeeding is truly inspiring! I’m sure you’ve touched the hearts of women all around the world. Keep up the great work! Thank you and God bless! :)

Now Hope, I have one more assignment for you… when your baby is born, you’ll have to let us all know what you think of the pump!

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Yes, I will certainly let you guys know what I think about the pump. Hope all goes well when baby arrives :)

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