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Stroller Rage

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It’s a typical afternoon at Fairway. Crowded. There’s little room to get around, especially with a stroller. And as I’m making my way down the vegetable aisle, The Bear (age 2) bellows, “Move! Out a my way!” That’s right Little Bear, go ahead, channel your Mama. At least one of us can get away with vocalizing our mounting frustration.
With almost four years of stroller pushing under my belt, there’s little that hasn’t come my way. I’ve gotten a flat tire in Central Park; I’ve been out in thunderstorms without a rain shield; I’ve even had a stroller tip over backwards because of too many shopping bags hanging from handles. But every now and then, there’s something that really throws me for a loop. And usually, it involves another pedestrian.
For instance, take Exhibit A: The lovely lady who let a door slam shut, just before I managed to wedge the stroller inside.
Or how about Exhibit B: The gentleman who decided to climb over my stroller and child, rather than move an abandoned shopping cart out of his way.
Or how about Exhibit C: I’m crossing the street on the Upper East Side, moving across the crosswalk towards the curb. A woman is standing in the middle of the ramp, blocking my way back onto the sidewalk. I keep aiming in her direction figuring she’ll step aside. Instead, she stands her ground. I approach, and before I can say “Pardon me,” she lets loose. “Who the F*** do you people think you are? What the F*** is wrong with you, aiming right at me.” I am speechless. For a moment, I consider responding, but stop myself. Maybe she’s crazy, not mean. Plus, I’ve got to be the ultimate model of polite behavior for our boys.
Of course a few bad experiences don’t outweigh all the kind gestures I’ve experienced. The people who have stopped to open doors. Doormen who have carried the stroller up steps. Friends who have helped me wrestle the kids and our gear into a Brownstone. It’s moments like these that I try to remember when I feel myself about to let loose on someone who exhibits little sympathy for those of us carting 100 pounds of kids plus stroller around Manhattan.
Then again, maybe I shouldn’t hold my tongue. My two year old gets to say whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Why can’t I?
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8 Responses to “Stroller Rage”

Well, my dear- Whatever happened to your Mr. Tall Man finger? Ah, but don’t use that, please–I don’t want my dear cousin to get into a S……d of trouble. There’s enough out there without that. Your children will learn from you and hubby, and I cannot think of a better couple to mimic. Just remember: “What goes around, comes around” which is why I stay alive: I want to be around when all those “nasties” get theirs.
Love to you,
(Cousin) Honey

I think I’m more courteous to people with strollers than any other people on earth. I know what it’s like.I’ve been there.
Years ago I was at a Ren Fairre and had to push an extremely heavy double stroller up a very steep hill and OBVIOUSLY having a hard time. I was not amused as much bigger people (i’m barely 5’0) watched me struggle and one woman actually said,”Hey, it’s a good way to work that baby fat off!”
I have never wanted to run someone over with a stroller so bad in my whole life…..

teehee, go get um Little Bear!

Now you’ve got to teach him to yell “Hey, I was here first” at the meat counter.

Oh my gosh! I can’t believe she dropped the f-bomb right in front of your child! If someone did that here in South Carolina it would scare a mommy to death. It would me anyway.

I am not surprised. The good always outweigh the bad, but it’s the bad that tends to stick out. I think you should have let them have it. Just my opinion. Teaching your kids to be polite is great, but sometimes that can be mistaken for letting people walk on you. Not saying that that’s the case, but to someone else, it would look like that. Let’s hope the good will always outweigh the bad.

That is frustrating. But some day, we may too forget what it’s like… some day.

I understand your frustration with the lack of respect that people show towards you when you are pushing around your stroller. It must be “Stroller Envy” because the Baby Jogger stroller is an awesome stroller. Good luck with the adventures.

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