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Enter to Win a Lila Bean Nursing Cover

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In recognition of World Breastfeeding Week… I’ve got a great give-away for you. A Lila Bean nursing cover.
I recently met the woman behind Lila Bean. Charlotte Penenberg named the company after her daughter…her inspiration…Lila. Read Charlotte’s story here.
Personally, I never used a nursing cover with either of our boys. I sort of improvised when ever I was out of the house. Coats, baby blankets, napkins. You name it, I used it. But often, I didn’t even use a cover, because my clothes simply worked well enough to keep me from feeling overly exposed.
But I see the allure behind an actual nursing cover. Besides, it’s hard to resist the awesome patterns Lila Bean has. Plus, the cover has uses beyond nursing. Try it as a sun shield for your stroller or a blanket for the car seat.
So how can you win one? Charlotte will pick a winner after you leave a comment answering this question: What’s the most outrageous place you’ve nursed in public? And if you don’t have a baby yet, why would you like this cover?
Deadline: August 31, 2008. Contest limited to U.S. residents.

22 Responses to “Enter to Win a Lila Bean Nursing Cover”

The most outrageous place I nursed was…at the Ophthalmologist while getting an eye exam.

I regularly nurse in church and therefore don’t see it as all that outrageous. HOWEVER, my grandmother almost died when I told her that I nursed in church. ;)

I recently nursed while getting my hair cut. It was quite a site with my squirmy little boy moving all around under the cape but he just wouldn’t wait! :)

My daughter is only 4 weeks old, and I have only ever nursed in public in two places: the doctor’s office (both her’s and mine), and in my parked car before going into the market.
I would love to have the Lila Bean nursing cover so that my outings with Samantha Sue can be more comfortable (for both of us), and so I can increase my confidence in public nursing.

I’ve only nursed my daughter in public once. It was a couple months ago at a packed restaurant in Newport, Rhode Island.

The most outrageous place I nursed was at a mandatory staff meeting that I had to be at when on maternity leave with my 3 week old daughter. It felt uncomfortable in front of all my peers and co-workers, but I had to put my daughter first. It made me quickly adapt to nursing in public and I was comfortable doing it anywhere after that!

Nursing my daughter while sitting on top of a gravestone…that was hands down our strangest nursing experience. To make matters more interesting, the cemetery groundskeeping staff kept circling our location to sneak a closer look.

Hmm…probably on public trans going downtown (the train).

I have been nursing my son for 11 months now and nurse just about anywhere but for me, the strangest was on the beach in front of my father in law and brothers in law
(and the rest of my husband’s family) – though I had no qualms about just pulling my bikini top down when little B-man wanted a drink to quench his thirst. It was awfully sandy at times, but c’est la vie!

well I’m expecting my first so I can’t comment on my weirdest place but I can def. comment on a weird situation my husband and I were in when we saw a mom breastfeeding! We went to Disney World 2 months ago and was at the Hollywood Studios park watching their light show called Fantastia. The stadium is stadium seating so obviously no privacy and while we were sitting there waiting a mom basically pulled her shirt up in front of everyone around her and her 5 year old son began to feed. She never covered herself or anything so needless to say people around her were a little disturb.

I was sitting at the train table at Barnes and Noble. My son took off through the store. I ran through the store with my baby crying and my boob flying everywhere.

The most outrageous place that I can think of having nursed was during a Fire Department meeting with a room full of guys absolutely astonished that I was going to stay there and nurse my daughter. It was great!

I too have nursed in church! It gets some strange looks.
My most public of places though, Dollywood, a theme park in TN. It was blazing hot and there was just no way I was using a cover, we would have both roasted.
(great site by the way!)

Last week I called my husband from Fortunoffs where I had been looking for couches. He asked what I was doing and I told him I was nursing the baby. He asked, “Where?” and I said, “in the showroom, theres plenty of seating.” Right now I use a hospital swaddling blanket to cover up so I would love a stylish cover.

The most outrageous would be in front of all my husband’s co-workers at a company charity work day. My oldest was 4 months old and the men were staying on the far side of the room, but curiously watching.

I nursed my little guy in so many places but most recently at my brother’s rehersal dinner. We were cleaning up and I had him strapped into my Ergo and he woke from sleeping (it was 10PM) so I popped my boob in his mouth and kept on vacuuming. I was saying goodby to my grandparents and great aunt and my sister said – hey do you have your boob in his mouth? busted! (ha, ha)
everyone got a good laugh.
most outrageous place, in a casino in Lake Tahoe.

I am newly pregnant with my first and I live in Hollywood. Seeing unusual things is normal here. But I worry that my currently “gifted girls” could become freak show material! With a generous Lila Bean cover, I am sure I would be comfortable nursing in any situation living in urban So. Cal could throw at me!

We are expecting our first so I haven’t breastfed in any strange places. However, I expect to! I live in Hollywood and there are plenty of strange and wonderful places to go. The biggest reason I would like a Lila Bean is actually two reasons- the girls they are already “gifted”. I can only imagine how self conscious I might be. With I Lila Bean cover, I would be able to go out without becoming someone else’s “you won’t believe what I just saw” breast feading story!

I’ve only recently begun breastfeeding in public. I was a little intimidated by it until now. The most interesting place I’ve breastfed so far was this weekend we went to an outdoor concert.

I have two:
On a golf cart. (Not moving of course until my wee one had finished lunch #4.)
In our car, parked in a parking lot. Okay so it doesn’t sound odd but we had just taken our kiddos to a movie and for some reason there were cops all over the area. There were two cop cars who were particularly interested in what was going on with my boobs that kept slowly driving by.

When my daughter was about 9 months old, we went to the zoo. Feeding time came about the time we hit Africa. I popped her in my ring sling and nursed her while walking around Africa, looking at the elephants and rhinos.

The most outrageous place that I had to breastfeed was at a bowling alley. My father and brother had to bowl my turn when it came up!

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