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Enter to Win Some Medela Pads and Lanolin

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Another World Breastfeeding Week contest for you…
This time I’m giving away two new Medela products: Tender Care Lanolin (for dry or cracked nipples) and Tender Care Hydro Gel Pads (for severe sore or cracked nipples).
Keep in mind, that if breastfeeding is going well, and your baby is latched on properly, breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt. It is normal to experience some discomfort at times, but if you find yourself in a lot of pain, get help, and get help fast. Call a lactation consultant. And if it’s 3 in the morning, and you don’t want to wake anyone up, check out the Kellymom website. It’s an excellent resource for looking up any problem you may have; just use the search function in the left hand column.
The contest is limited to U.S. residents. Deadline is August 31. To enter, leave a comment answering this question: Who was your biggest source of support for breastfeeding? And if you haven’t had your baby yet, do you have the name of a lactation consultant you can call if you need help with breastfeeding?

9 Responses to “Enter to Win Some Medela Pads and Lanolin”

My biggest source of support was my husband, for sure. But I also attended a supoort group at my hospital. So thankful for that!

My Mom was my biggest support when I breastfed my daughter. She breastfed all 5 of her kids and she was very helpful in keeping me from being discouraged and helping me through any problems I had. Thanks, Mom!!

My doula is a CLC and through my local birth network I have a whole LIST of IBCLC’s!

This might be very stereotypical but my husband was definitely my biggest source of support. When it was 2:00 in the morning and Aiden was cluster feeding and I just didn’t think I could do it any more he would tell me what a great job I was doing and how very important it was. And then he would rock Aiden and take care of him so that I could get some rest. There was definitely no better support than that for me.

My biggest support for breastfeeding, aside from the nurses in the hospital, my husband, the lactation consultant in the hospital, and my local LLL leaders, has been my best friend who has exclusively nursed all four of her babies; the youngest are 13 month-old twins. She pushed me to keep going when I was ready to give up. She came over after my daughter was born and just helped me position pillows, brought me water, held my baby so I could eat lunch, etc, etc..
Basically, I’m not sure I could have done it without all of those people who each played an important part in our breastfeeding success. And at 5 weeks post-pardum, things have gotten so much easier for us. And there is no way I could have done it alone!

All my sisters & sisters in law breastfeed their children and one is a lactation counselor as is my Mom (as well as having nursed 7 kids under her belt) but the support that made the biggest difference came from My Husband. He actually attended a breastfeeding class with me so that at 4 am when I felt like giving up, he could remind me of the facts and that this was normal and it would get better. Knowledge is power! =]

I’m sure my mom will be my biggest support. She always tells me stories of her breastfeeding adventures!

My biggest source of support from the first day has been my husband. He visited the lactation nurse with me when we were having latch problems so that he could help me when we are at home.

The most helpful support has been the internet! It is always there for us and has lots of tips and encouragement to keep us going on the right track.

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