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I am Voting For Barack Obama

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I’m a Democrat. Always have been. Probably always will be. I come from the land of the Kennedys.
But tonight, that has nothing to do with why Barack Obama has my vote. Obama has my vote because, to me, he represents the best future for our boys. He represents the best future for the grandchildren we’ll some day have.
He understands that if we want a safer world for our kids, we have to make some dramatic changes. We have to protect the environment and cut our dependence on oil. We have to improve our education system, or there is no way we can compete internationally. We have to improve our standing in the world.
And if none of that has you sold, take a look at his positions relevant to women.

Now, at last this night is over, and I can get some sleep, and dream of Barack Obama, standing, with one hand on the Bible, the other raised, as he takes the oath of office.

7 Responses to “I am Voting For Barack Obama”

he’s got my vote too! i love to see the support.

You may think Obama can do all this now…but those things are easier said than done and he makes a lot of promises. Not to mention he is planning all these programs that cost money, yet he is cutting taxes? How does he plan to pay for all this? The only thing that scares me more than Obama is his running mate..the embodiment of political scheeming. That smile won’t win my vote.

He’s got my vote also.

Can’t agree, unfortunately

Yes, he will have to raise taxes. But, we have neglected our schools, environment, elderly, mentally ill, and vets for 8 years. Someone has to clean up the mess. To do that, I think we have to dream and dream big!

He’s got my vote too. It scares me to think about McCain and Palin.
I like what Chris Rock said. Vote for the guy who has only one house. Obama is like an average american, at least more so than McCain. That’s what we need. Not the guy who has priorities in oil and power.

If Obama wins, your kids have a bleak future indeed. This Marxist has spent his entire adult life around people who HATE America, including terrorists. ACORN, for whom Obama served as a trainer, pressured banks to give loans to undeserving applicants , based on race alone. Please wake up now if you care about your boys. We will NEVER be able to undo the damage that this man will cause.

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