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Angelina Jolie and Breastfeeding Twins

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Sort of old news…but definitely worth highlighting… Angelina Jolie told People Magazine in August that she was breastfeeding her newborn twins.
From The Celebrity Baby Blog:
In their 3-week-old fraternal twins’ debut in the latest issue of PEOPLE, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt spoke about how breastfeeding both babies at the same time plays a part in managing the chaos. Angelina said, “They eat every three hours and I’m getting better at holding them both for [breast]feeding at the same time, so that helps. Usually, the other kids come in and hold them when they finish. They help with the baths and the changing.” Brad added, “We try to get them to eat simultaneously for the sake of management, but it gets a little crowded at the bar!”
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5 Responses to “Angelina Jolie and Breastfeeding Twins”

And this is why Angelina and I are not in the same league. I never breastfed my two at the same time. Is she human?

LOVE THAT! I also breastfed my twins (for 16 months) and I love hearing that other moms are giving it go with simulataneous feedings, it’s way easier than you’d think it would be once you get the hang of it! It becomes so second nature.

I was so surprised to read this in People! And so pleased!
What a great advocate for breastfeeding! It would be great to highlight other “beautiful people” who have decided to breastfeed.

Its good to see a celebrity breastfeeding twins. Tandem feeding is great. I fed my twins for over 2 years.

I didn’t have twins, but breastfed both my boys for their first 12 months. I loved it and am glad that she doing the same for her children. I hope it encourages others to try it and find the joys of bfing.

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