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The Winners of The August Breastfeeding Contests

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Thank you to everyone who entered the August giveaway contests. Now for the winners:
For the Medela breastfeeding products, I asked everyone to leave a comment answering the question “who was your biggest source of breastfeeding support?”
And the winner is Brandy, who wrote:
This might be very stereotypical but my husband was definitely my biggest source of support. When it was 2:00 in the morning and Aiden was cluster feeding and I just didn’t think I could do it any more he would tell me what a great job I was doing and how very important it was. And then he would rock Aiden and take care of him so that I could get some rest. There was definitely no better support than that for me.
And for the winner of the Lila Bean Nursing Cover, I asked “what’s the most outrageous place you’ve nursed in public?”
The winner is Shannon:
The most outrageous place that I can think of having nursed was during a Fire Department meeting with a room full of guys absolutely astonished that I was going to stay there and nurse my daughter. It was great!

2 Responses to “The Winners of The August Breastfeeding Contests”

Congrats to the winners!
I just wanted to add that weeks later now after entering the contest when my daughter was only a few weeks old and my most outrageous place that I had nursed was the pediatrician’s office… she is 9 weeks old now and nursing at the Renaissance Festival last week was pretty funny :)
- Meg
PS love your blog, thanks!

Wow, what an informative and fun blog. I am writing a piece on favorite items for the breast feeding mom, what are your must-haves (think best nipple cream, storage bags, etc.)

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