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Just Vote– UPDATE

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Over the past few days I’ve talked to people who are having insomnia. High blood pressure. Chest pains. General anxiety. Among the many reasons this Fall, the election. Fortunately, November 4th is almost here. And hopefully, the results will be straightforward.
So for the next 48 hours, or however long it is until we have a winner, I’m turning this site over to the election.
You can leave comments here about your voting experience. Are you taking your kids to the polls? Have you talked to them about the election? Are you campaigning? Are you sitting at home all day, watching TV. What are your plans? What are your hopes? Share your stories and photographs with me. And if you’re writing about this on your own blog, send me a link.
Now, get out there, and JUST VOTE. And then consider some meditation.

12 Responses to “Just Vote– UPDATE”

This is the most important election of my lifetime and I am so proud to be a part of it and to have my three year old, Raven, experiencing the excitement and privilege of democracy in action. We went canvassing as a family last weekend in Boulder, CO. My husband would wait a few steps from the door with our lab, Dhuni, while Raven & I knocked on doors and connected with citizens about this election, their candidate of choice, and their voting-ballot status. We were given a list of 54 doors, and probably accomplished 30 together; I returned alone after lunch and during nap time to finish the mission. It was so rewarding, we collected sealed ballots that hadn’t been mailed & delivered those to the County Clerks and Records office; we met a couple of people who were told they weren’t eligible to vote, but after checking at the Obama campaign office learned that they were; so, we returned & delivered absentee ballot request forms to these elderly ladies that thought their vote would not count. Beyond that, my son & I have returned to visit one of these ladies & her husband; Pat is 90+ years old & has beginning Alzheimer’s. They are so inviting when we returned to pick up the ballot- we stay each time for tea and cookies & Raven doesn’t want to leave even with the promise of taking Dhuni to the nearby park.
Obama is an inspirational candidate- he is already bring people together, bridging generational, cultural, racial, social class, and party affiliation g a p s. It is time to focus on our humanity and similarities instead of on the obvious differences. I encourage everyone to vote with hope for change for Obama-Biden, to be a part of history, to leave fear of polling lines & fear of rejection (canvassing) and fear of caring in the Bush, and venture out on a limb- that is were the fruit is. This race is not about picking the lesser of two evils- so we can’t afford to be jaded about politics as usual- there is a clear difference in philosophies, campaigning styles, intellects, and policies. This GOP ticket is a fear-based philosophy seeking to maintain power, it’s campaigning style is negative: not telling the public what they will do, but a distortion of what they fear Obama could do, and we are too familiar with their policies: they are exactly the same as in the last 8 years.
As mothers and creators we know the gift of life better than most- this election there is the very real potential of a rebirth of the U n i t e d States of America…it has been suffering from a slow death for almost a decade. We can all deliver Obama to the Oval Office with our dedication and energy- & our children’s efforts will empower them to learn that they can enact positive change in the world.
Amanda Dumenigo

My sons will have Election Day off from school because their schools are polling places. We will let them stay up late to see who wins so that they can see history being made. Then they’ll be too tired for school the next day, so we’ll let them sleep in and miss school. We figure that the civics lesson is worth missing a day of school.

My sons will be going with me to the polls (like every year). Today, I asked my son who I should vote for. His answer “Barack Obama”. (I think that he just likes to say that name.)

I live in South Florida and I voted early over the weekend. The turnout was about 98% African-American. The papers are also reporting that over half of early voters are Democrats. I waited, with my hubby and son, for about 90 minutes to vote. Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusets was there, thanking us for coming out.
Beyonce, Jay-Z, Sean Combs and Mary J. Blige surprised voters at another local polling place. People all over are waiting in lines for 2, 3, 4, 5 hours in order to vote in this historic election. Despite the huge turnout, there has not been one reported incident. Everyone is being respectful and courteous in the lines, talking like old friends to make the time go by faster. I am so proud of my community. I hope we’re able to change the future of this country by electing Barack Obama.

I took my 2 year old son to early voting with me last week. I had 2 people tell me as we were waiting in line that I should fill out an absentee ballot and then I would not have to wait in line. But, I really wanted to have the whole experience for myself and my son so we waited. For a whopping 20 minutes!! We both got “I voted” stickers and I was glad that we waited.

I am so psyched for tomorrow to come. My daughter, who is 13, lives abroad with my ex-wife, but she is equally excited about this election, watches her “Obama Widget” every day, and counts down the days. I promised her last night via web chat that come January 20th, if Obama does what we all want him to do, we will be there in DC to see it happen, and that will be the best civics lesson she could ever have!

Woke up early this morning to go vote before going to work and anticipated long lines. I got to our polling location at 710, checked in, voted and walked out, all in a span of about 10 minutes, most of which time was spent listening to the two old ladies checking me in argue about where I needed to sign the paper. This is a very important election and I am nervous but exciting, trusting that Americans everywhere will make the right decision.

I turned in my absentee ballot a few days ago at a busy office in Boston’s City Hall. It turns out I’m in town today, so I walked my wife to our polling place this morning (lobbying her on state props as we perambulated). When we got there, the lines were unexpectedly long, but orderly. Lynne will return in the afternoon to do her doody, and we plan to pop some good champagne tonight.

In Massachusetts we kick it old style and vote by filling in ovals with a black pen. My 18-month old was so swept up watching everyone “write write” (his favorite word) on their ballots, that he insisted on “voting” himself. So, along with his mommy and daddy, he pulled out his green crayon and a piece of paper and cast his vote. It appears that he’s exercising his right to privacy, though, because he won’t tell us who he voted for!

Today, I threw in my worthless Blue Vote in a decidedly Red State (Kansas). I do not care, I will always vote because I want my kids to see what a privilege they have.
God (or whoever) Bless America. :-)

I live in NJ, and my 17 month old daughter and I went to vote this afternoon. I was really worried about long lines, but we were in and out in less than 10 minutes! I was a little scared when the elderly woman couldn’t find my name in the book, but I eventually found it for her, and voted without a problem. (I had to do a paper ballot before, because they couldn’t find my name then either. I had moved, reregistered, but it did not go through for some reason, and they had me registered in a different city) My daughter was the life of the firehouse- she serenaded voters with Row, Row, Row Your Boat, and flirted with everyone. We had fun!

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