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The Election

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It’s over. We have a President-elect. And I believe that we are going to move in a new direction.
This morning I told our kids that when they are grown-ups, and their kids ask them if they remember the Obama election, they can say, “Yes, we do.” They can tell their kids that they helped vote. They can tell their kids that they remember the signs “Vote Here” all over New York City. They can tell their kids that while they didn’t really understand what was going on, they knew something important was happening.
And at a minimum, our two year old can say, “And you know what I apparently told people? I told them I voted for my daddy.”
Leave your comment here about the election, your experience voting and your hopes for the next administration.

5 Responses to “The Election”

BB, turning 3 this month, is refusing to accept Obama’s win. BB voted for Duck (re: the book Duck for President) and is insisting that Duck won. :)

Such great news and a very momentous day in history. On a funny note your story reminds me how I used to tell everyone I was going to marry Elvis when I grew up…:)

My 2 1/2 (because that 1/2 is important, don’tcha know!) year old helped me vote yesterday and has been saying, “Get out the vote!!” I think it’s so cute!
When she woke up last night wanting a glass of water as Obama was giving his speech…I had to grab her up in a huge hug. She may not remember these moments, but I know I always will!

I used to nanny for a congressman and his kids would tell everyone that they voted for their dad!

I blogged about how I felt, because I didn’t know what else to do. LOL! Click my name to read it. :)

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